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Pinterest’s Acquisition of VisualGraph Could Lead to Monetization


Faith Merino of reports, “Pinterest may have just gotten one step closer to monetizing. The company has confirmed its acquisition of visual search technology company VisualGraph, which could result in A) a stronger commerce angle, or B) ultra targeted ads. Or both! The two-man company was founded by Kevin Jing, who formerly worked on Google’s image search technology. VisualGraph was specifically designed to be applied to commerce and ‘visual shopping,’ so it seems likely that that’s how Pinterest will integrate the technology. And Pinterest is definitely raising money like a commerce company. The startup recently raised a massive $225 million round just last October, bringing its total raised to more than $550 million since 2010.” Read more

Expert System Announces Cogito SmartContent for Media and Publishers

MODENA, ITALY and SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA–(Marketwired – June 4, 2013) - SEMANTIC TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE – Expert System, the semantic technology company, today announced the launch of the Cogito semantic platform for content enrichment, Cogito SmartContent. Cogito SmartContent offers a full range of semantic features that enable publishers and digital content providers to harness the power of content for greater utilization and monetization across all formats.

Leveraging the power of semantic technology, Cogito SmartContent automatically enriches documents, content management systems and web pages with semantic information, metadata, tags and links to related content to maximize access and streamline delivery of content. Read more

VigLink Uses Semantic Analysis to Monetize Content

A new article reports, “VigLink, which turns outbound links on published stories into monetization opportunities, has expanded on its service by automating the insertion of links on keywords that could become a revenue generator for publishers… VigLink will hyperlink keywords in the content and will direct the reader to a place where they can buy a product. So, if you’re writing about the Apple iPhone or a book on Amazon, the word ‘iPhone,’ or the book title, would be automatically hyperlinked to Apple or Amazon, whereby a reader can buy a product. VigLink takes roughly 25% of the affiliate fee paid out by partners, Apple or Amazon, and the publisher gets the remainder. Typically, Amazon pays Viglink about 8.5% of products sold vs. 4.5% paid out to sites with low traffic.” Read more