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New Seevl API Lets Developers Add Music and Artist Data to Apps


Steve O’Hear of TechCrunch reports, “Dublin-based Seevl has released an API for developers to let them easily add music recommendations and artist data to their apps. The new offering gives app makers access to some of the underlying technology that currently powers the Seevl consumer-facing app, which is a cross-service music discovery offering that gives music recommendations and lets you build ‘mix tapes’, amongst a plethora of music-related features. The Seevl API is powered by the startup’s own music meta-data graph, which itself is built on top of Freebase, Wikipedia and MusicBrainz, and uses Seevl’s in-house semantic technologies and recommendation and search algorithms — both founders, Alexandre Passant and Julie Letierce, previously worked at the renowned Semantic Web R&D lab DERI.” Read more

iAlbums Alpha’s Semantic Search

iAlbums Alpha has launched utilizing a proprietary semantic curation engine. The article states, “iAlbums is the first major development in on-device music players since the launch of the iPod. A free application in the iPhone app store, iAlbums’ patent pending semantic engine analyzes the music already existing on one’s iPhone or iPod touch and gathers the most relevant and exciting information from over 20 different sources across the web. This content (videos, artwork, photos, artist quotes, lyrics, tweets and more) streams seamlessly into an easy to use feed on the user’s player, providing an all encompassing music experience in an interactive app that enhances the existing music files in their mobile libraries.” Read more

Google Announces Rich Snippets for Music

Google recently announced that they have created a rich snippets format for music. According to the article, “Since we introduced Rich Snippets back in 2009, we’ve created rich snippet formats for a variety of different content types, such as Events, People and Reviews, to show users relevant information about the content they can find on a site. Today, we announced the launch of rich snippets for music. With this new feature, site owners can mark up their pages using the newly created music markup spec on, and search results for that site may start displaying song information in the snippet so that users know that there are songs or samples there for them to listen to.” Read more’s Album Pages Use Linked Data from MusicBrainz has launched a new album pages feature that pulls linked data from MusicBrainz. According to the article, “Just like our artist pages, they take a Musicbrainz ID and pull in linked data from various sources around the internet, including, and Amazon. As our own critics have only reviewed a fraction of the albums out there, we’ve also made it possible for readers to create their own reviews to help other readers find new music. Or you can build up a list of your favourite albums of all time and share it with your friends.” Read more