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New KDE Software Compilation Released with Improved Semantic Search


According to a new article out of the organization, “The KDE Community is proud to announce the latest major updates to the KDE Applications delivering new features and fixes. Kontact (the personal information manager) has been the subject of intense activity, benefiting from the improvements to KDE’s Semantic Search technology and bringing new features. Document viewer Okular and advanced text editor Kate have gotten interface-related and feature improvements. In the education and game areas, we introduce the new foreign speech trainer Artikulate; Marble (the desktop globe) gets support for Sun, Moon, planets, bicycle routing and nautical miles. Palapeli (the jigsaw puzzle application) has leaped to unprecedented new dimensions and capabilities.” Read more

Applied Relevance Announces Epinomy Version 7


Menlo Park, California (PRWEB) December 23, 2013 — Applied Relevance announces Epinomy optimized for MarkLogic 7, a leading NoSQL database platform for managing big data. Epinomy is an advanced information management application for organizing, tagging and classifying structured and unstructured big data content. Epinomy’s semantic engine allows organizations to easily build ontologies and auto-tag documents with metadata, enabling information managers to harness the power of ‘triple stores’ allowing users to quickly search and find all relevant structured and unstructured information all the time. Read more

Webnodes AS Launches Semantic Web CMS Platform Version 4.5

Barry Levine of CMS Wire reports, “Norway-based content management provider Webnodes AS is out with version 4.5 of its .NET-based, semantic Web CMS platform. Enhancements include more options for load balancing, ontology merging, and content synchronizations between installations. Last summer, Webnodes released version 4 of its Web CMSt. The company distinguishes its approach to content management with a core Semantic Content Engine, aligning the system with the growth of the semantic Web. The Semantic Content Engine allows a custom ontology, or content model, to be created for each project. The result is content that is structured by meaning, able to be shared in a presentation-agnostic format or used to create a website’s navigational structure based on meaning relationships rather than page relationships.” Read more

Innography Announces Breakthrough Intellectual Property Search and Analysis Features

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Innography, the innovative provider of better intellectual property answers for improved business results, today announces its Summer 2013 Release. The new features in Advanced Analysis empower IP professionals and business users with rapid and unique insights resulting from real-time analyses and visualizations of up to 60,000 patents at a time. Enhanced graphing tools create compelling visualizations of vast patent datasets, enabling users to instantly analyze competitive and market IP trends.

“We worked directly with our clients on identifying the highest impact features and capabilities that would help them derive even better IP analyses and answers, and our product team has crafted a terrific release as a result,” said John F. Martin, chief executive officer and chairman of Innography. “Due to our commitment to innovation and our consistent R&D investment, clients can count on best-in-class capabilities from Innography both today and in the future.” Read more

iOS Gets a Dose of Google Now

Stuart Dredge of The Guardian writes, “Google has launched its Google Now service for iOS devices, as an update to its existing Google Search app. Accessed by swiping upwards from the bottom of the app’s homescreen, Google Now learns about its user through their activities and their history in various Google services. It then serves up weather forecasts, traffic reports, boarding passes, sports scores and other information when they may be relevant. On iOS, it’s the sole new feature in version 3.0.0 of the Google Search app. Available for Android devices since the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software was released in 2012, Google Now’s iOS incarnation has been subject to speculation this year.” Read more

Bottlenose Launches New Features, Early-Access Beta of Pro Version

Bottlenose has released several new features based on client feedback. According to the company, “We’ve redesigned the way you can post messages in Bottlenose. You can easily select a list of your many accounts or Facebook pages and post an update (This also works for reposts and replies). Also, we now autocomplete usernames on Twitter so you can easily mention, reply or DM someone.” There is good news for Bitly users as well: “You can now add your Bitly account, which enables you to use your own custom URL shortener when publishing messages. That way you can track clicks and demographics for each update.” Read more

Trapit Launches v1.3 of Trapit for iPad

According to a new article out of the company, “Trapit, the AI-powered, personalized discovery engine, today announced the release of Trapit for iPad, version 1.3. Following the successful launch of Trapit for iPad in July, as well as the deployment of the Trapit Platform in late September, the company is continuing momentum with updates and improvements to their highly-personalized content discovery iPad app. The updated app offers a number of new features and integrations, including two significant partnerships that will provide an improved user experience.” Read more

The Star Trek Computer: Now Available from Google

Ever wish you could have the computer from Star Trek? Now you can. Jon Mitchell of ReadWriteWeb reports, “The new version of Google’s Search app for iOS is available in the App Store, and it’s a good thing, too. This app now offers Google’s version of the Star Trek computer.  Just speak a question in natural language, and Google will reply immediately with the answer. Google submitted this update to Apple in early August. It showed a demo on August 9 that blew my mind. The speed and accuracy of this app’s answers — which, of course, Android users are already used to — shows just how much Apple users are missing out due to Apple’s insistence on bypassing Google with Siri.” Read more

AlchemyAPI Releases Sentiment Analysis in German

AlchemyAPI has announced “the release of German sentiment analysis, adding to the company’s already-supported languages for identifying positive / negative opinions within any document or web page. ‘Our German sentiment analysis engine provides advanced functionalities such as amplifier, diminisher, and negation support,’ said Elliot Turner, CEO of AlchemyAPI.  ‘We’re the first commercially-available German sentiment engine to support document-level processing as well as entity/keyword/user-targeted analysis’.” Read more

Invention Machine Launches Goldfire 7.5

Invention Machine, the company recently acquired by IHS, has announced “the latest release of Goldfire, the optimal decision engine. The Goldfire 7.5 release, now also available on iPad and Android Tablets, informs decision-making across the product lifecycle, helping organizations more rapidly arrive at optimal product decisions. Goldfire connects product development personnel, on-demand, to experts inside and outside the organization and to the internal and external knowledge and trends needed to develop, maintain, and produce market-leading products.” Read more