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Introducing Version 1.92

schema dot org logoThe official blog of yesterday announced the release of version 1.92 of The post, by Dan Brickley, states, “With this update we ‘soft launch’ a substantial collection of improvements that will form the basis for a version 2.0 release in early 2015. There remain a number of site-wide improvements, bugfixes and clarifications that we’d like to make before we feel ready to use the name ‘v2.0’. However the core vocabulary improvements are stable and available for use from today. As usual see the release notes page for details.” Read more

Callimachus Open Source 1.2 Is Out


According to a new announcement from the company 3 Round StonesCallimachus Open Source v1.2 has been released.  Callimachus is a Linked Data application server used by the Federal Government for publishing open data on the Web and Fortune 1000 for consuming and visualizing a combination of enterprise and open content.  3 Round Stones is working to make Callimachus the choice of Web developers who want to rapidly write and host data-driven Web applications.   Callimachus Open Source 1.2 provides a number of improvements across the board – some which improve use experience for building visualizations with the Chart Wizard and some back end changes aimed at improving scaling and performance. As always, for full details about the project and downloads check out  Here are some highlights.” Read more

Instem Launches Latest Version of OmniViz Data Mining & Visualization Software

According to a new article out of the company, “Instem, a leading provider of IT solutions to the global early development healthcare market, announced today it has released the next version of its OmniViz™ software solution enabling organizations to process larger datasets at greater speeds. OmniViz is a powerful data mining and analytics solution allowing users to analyze and explore critical information through its interactive and intuitive visualization technology. Utilizing sophisticated statistical and clustering algorithms, OmniViz processes and serves data to organizations to help reveal hidden patterns and features, allowing users to discover fresh insight and easily share that information with both colleagues and clients.” Read more

IHS Standards Expert Added to Goldfire

A new article out of the company reports, “IHS, the leading global source of information and analytics, today announced the addition of IHS content including IHS Standards Expert, the industry-leading standards management solution, to IHS Goldfire’s expansive collection of pre-indexed technical knowledge. IHS Goldfire, the platform for optimal decision making, is powered by state-of-the-art semantic technologies that allow engineers and other technical personnel to quickly find relevant answers across multiple languages, identify insights across disparate data sources, and locate experts both inside and outside their organizations in order to more rapidly make informed product decisions.” Read more

Franz Announces Gruff V4

Franz has announced Gruff version 4, “the industry’s leading RDF browser to view graph data, explore connections within data, and visually build queries without writing code. In addition, Gruff allows users to easily visualize the RDFa embedded metadata on websites and combine with open or proprietary data to infer new facts.”

The article goes on, “The free-form nature of Graph style data offers a lot of flexibility for constructing databases, but that freedom can also make it less obvious how to find arbitrary data for retrieval, error checking, or general browsing. Gruff is a graphical Resource Description Framework (RDF) database browser which makes data retrieval more pleasant and powerful by providing a variety of tools for laying out cyclical graphs, displaying tables of properties, managing queries, and building SPARQL and Prolog queries as visual diagrams.” Read more

Franz Launches Allegro CL v9.0 with Symmetric Multi-Processing

Franz Inc. has announced a new release of Allegro CL. Version 9.0 brings “symmetric multi-processing capabilities to the industry’s leading Common Lisp based development environment. ‘Demand for faster, more intelligent, and scalable applications is increasing with the Big Data onslaught. Modern Lisp developers now have the best tool to scale their applications and deliver products to market on-time and on-budget,’ commented Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc.” Read more

Webnodes AS Launches Version 4.0 of Semantic CMS

According to Webnodes AS, the company has announce a new version of their semantic CMS. The release has “significant performance and scalability improvements, overhaul of the e-mail marketing module, a video provider system and a number of improvements to the content editing experience for editors. The performance and scalability of Webnodes CMS has been significantly improved since the last release. The efforts have been focused in two mains areas: increasing the number of content objects the system can comfortably handle, and raw performance of servicing a particular page request. Webnodes now works very well with more than 10 million content objects, and performance has been improved in a number of areas. We’ve seen live Webnodes sites improving the server side time with up to 300% with the improvements in this release.” Read more

semYOU Launches New Version of sem.ProjectPoint

semYOU has released a new version of their cloud project management software, sem.ProjectPoint. According to the company, “With modules like Task-Manager, Open-Points or Meeting-Manager it’s possible to manage Tasks, Appointments and Milestones more efficiently in teams. The user interface is similar to MS Office, guarantees high usability and does not need long training. A new center of gravity in the new version represents the visualizing of Tasks, Appointments and Milestones. Over 100 new features guarantee a permanent clear overview about the project status and the different project sections. The new report function makes it possible to show the different project sections like Tasks, Appointments, Open Issues, etc. in just one view like pie charts. Getting a detailed overview about the status is guaranteed.” Read more

New Version of map4rdf Published

The GeoLinkData Initiative and the Ontology Engineering Group are happy to announce a new version of map4rdf. On the map4rdf website, the creators state, “Recently we have seen a large increase in the amount of geospacial data that is being published using RDF and Linked Data principles. Efforts such as theW3C Geo XG, and most recently the GeoSPARQL initiative are providing the necessary vocabularies to publish this kind of information on the Web of Data. map4rdf is a mapping and faceted browsing tool for exploring and visualizing RDF datasets enhanced with geometrical Information.” Read more

Webnodes Announces New Version of Semantic CMS

Webnodes recently announced the release of version 3.8 of the company’s CMS with semantic e-commerce, MVC support, and new mobile features. The article states, “ASP.NET MVC (version 3) has become a very popular method for developing web sites and applications on the .Net platform. With this release of Webnodes CMS, templates can now be developed using MVC. Webforms and MVC are equally supported for template development in Webnodes, and both will continue to be supported in the future. You can also mix the two types in the same project.” Read more