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Alme For Healthcare: A Virtual Personal Assistant For Disease Management Debuts

rsz_1rsz_almepixAlme for Healthcare brings the personal virtual assistant to the disease management space. Next IT’s Alme natural language platform has a history in other sectors, including financial services, where it’s servicing loan-insurance for SWBC; transportation, where it’s enabling self-service for Alaska Airlines customers; and Aetna, where it’s supporting new user registrations, among others. In fact, Aetna is one of the customers it’s working with on the new healthcare virtual assistant that is designed to improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

The personal assistant functions in a multi-modal model, supporting both talking in natural language and typing; across multiple platforms, including smart phones and tablets; and with multi-lingual capabilities. The conversational language assistant is based on what Next IT notes is a comprehensive patient ontology, support for goal-based conversations (such as helping patients stick with treatment plans), and interactive concept illustrations (pointing out where to do at-home injections, for example).

“We’re working on disease management,” says Fred Brown, founder and CEO of Next IT. “People see their doctor every six months and then sort of forget what they’re supposed to do. So we want to provide real-time help and assistance for them, and an escalation path to a live medical professional when needed.”

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Nova Spivack & Next IT Partner on Intelligent Virtual Assistant Tech

Next IT reports, “The next generation of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) is making human/machine conversation even more relevant and personal – and a new alliance promises to push the envelope even further. Next IT, the world’s largest provider of IVAs… announced a partnership with technological thought-leader and futurist Nova Spivack (@novaspivack), who will advise the natural-language understanding innovator on new ways to adapt its technology to meet the needs of our increasingly information-centric society. ‘Next IT has made an impressive commitment to the advancement of natural language understanding technology – more so than any other company in the space,’ said Spivack. ‘They are quickly becoming the market leader, providing virtual assistants, at scale, to real blue-chip customers’.” Read more