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Showing at The International American Toy Fair: Tangible, Touchable Semantic Technology

The coolest thing at the 109th International American Toy Fair in New York City this week might have been the Lazer Tag Blaster or the World of Warcraft version of Monopoly. Or, for semantic tech aficionados, it would have been Uma’s semantic Skin multitouch display installation. Even the Power Rangers were getting into it (see photo).

Here is the marriage of semantic technology with interactive signage and multi-touch displays, RFID technology, Intel’s Audience Impression Metrics suite, and social media integration. It is, as Christian Doegl, founder and CEO of uma, an example “where semantics gets tangible.”  And touchable by everyone.

For the Toy Fair, Uma got access to the exhibitor database, itself complete with structured metadata such as company name, location on the floor, and Twitter handle. “From this we can build up a semantic database connecting all different databases to the system,” says Doegl.

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Introducing Wikichains

A new article discusses the possible future of shopping and an online database of production data, Wikichains that could enable it. The article begins, “You’re in the local supermarket buying a box of breakfast cereal. You pick up a box and… give it a quick swipe with your smartphone. The near field communications (NFC) transceiver in your phone wirelessly reads the box’s radio frequency identity (RFID) chip… You open your other shopping app… A first-hand account of where the cereal comes from appears on the screen, with the option to listen to comments from the farm workers who grew it. Anecdotes of long hours and unpaid wages accompany some shots of the rainforest that was cleared to make way for the plantation… You put the box back on the shelf.” Read more