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Semantic Web Jobs: Covance


Covance is looking for a Data Architect in Princeton, NJ, or Indianapolis, IN. According to the post, “Informatics at Covance is a high profile, high impact team that focuses on creating innovative data-driven solutions to improve the speed, cost and quality of drug development. As a market leader in central laboratory and pre-clinical services and top 5 provider of phase III clinical trial management services, Covance has assembled the most comprehensive investigator and clinical lab database in the pharmaceutical industry, spanning >11,000 protocols, >600 indications, >175,000 unique investigators, and >14 million patient visits over the past 10 years. The role of the informatics team is to lead breakthrough innovations that will unlock the power of this data to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies bring the miracles of medicine to the people in need faster and more efficiently.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Goldman Sachs


Goldman Sachs is looking for a Senior Developer in Jersey City, NJ. The post states, “TIDM is an ecosystem that provides inventory data to the firm with a demonstrated SLA of 99.999% availability and has been deployed globally. We’re looking for software engineers who want to work on cutting edge technologies in an agile environment. Skills would include: Java and Groovy, meta programming, graph databases, RDF databases, ETL technologies, NoSQL technologies and HADOOP/HBase. Ontology experience a plus.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: AT&T

AT&T is looking for a Machine Learning & Big Data professional in Florham Park, NJ. According to the post, “The position is in a group within our Research organization, in the Greater NY City Metro area, that enhances, extends, and productizes a range of research technologies through the innovative application of software engineering. The successful candidate will work closely with our experts in machine learning, statistics, and distributed computing to identify and experiment with useful algorithms, extend them for application to high-value use cases, enhance them to take advantage of large scale distributed computing platforms (e.g. hadoop), and create APIs and toolkits that open them to use by a large community of analysts. Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Comcast

Comcast is looking for an Intern of Software Engineering in Mount Laurel, NJ. According to the post, “Special to the Comcast Engineering & Technology University Program, program participants have the opportunity to connect and network with fellow participants from the moment the program starts at orientation. This community of program participants serves as a support system and an opportunity to ask questions of each other and grow as a team. Develop schema and code to build upon our network topology engine. Involving everything from discovering the topology of the network to representing that in data and, ultimately, visualizing it on screen. Develop use-cases for this data and help improve the inference engine that will drive the API that will be published within the company.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Celgene

Celgene is looking for a Director of IT Enterprise Architecture in Berkeley Heights, NJ. This position is “Responsible for the overall design of the Celgene’s enterprise information architecture, across all data types (structured, semistructured and unstructured), balancing the need for access against security and performance requirements. This individual focuses primarily on enterprise business information requirements: design, access, usage and stewardship. The position also requires an understanding of emerging regulatory issues surrounding information assets (such as eDiscovery, consumer privacy laws, data retention policies, outsourced data and specific industry guidelines — especially in healthcare). Also included are the development or use of business process models, creation or use of information or target data models, integrations patterns, and development of internal and external checks and controls to ensure proper governance, security and quality of information assets.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: JL360 Media

JL360 Media is looking for a Semantics Analyst in Westfield, NJ. Responsibilities of this position include the following: “Quickly understand difficult technical and business challenges facing our clients and find unique and practical solutions. Work with clients in diverse and exciting industries such as the pharmaceutical, financial, and retail industries. Create solutions that tackle challenges in domains such as drug discovery and research, competitive intelligence, marketing/sales, and data governance. You will work with state-of-the-art technologies for bringing data together, for extracting data from natural language, and creating new, dynamic ways to interact with large amounts of data. Manage implementation projects to ensure smooth communication with the client and timely completion of project tasks. Participate in various parts of the business by collaborating with product management, development, and sales.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Pearson

Pearson is looking for a Principal Technical Architect in Saddle River, NJ. According to the post, “Within Pearson Technology’s Enabling Technologies Group, the Data Abstraction & Distribution team is responsible for Build activities associated with Data Services. Build activities mainly consist of: (1) Design and Manage normalized data format in conjunction with the Enterprise Architecture Group. (2) Design, Improve and Maintain the ETL, Storage and Distribution functions associated with Data Services (currently called DIA). (3) Integration and testing of new releases of these software components. (4) Evangelization of these components across Pearson. (5) Management of all requirements, small enhancements and defect fixes associated with these software components, data formats and core objects.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Meher Solutions

Meher Solutions is looking for an RDF Expert for a contract position of at least six months in Hopewell, NJ. The company is looking for someone to be responsible for development and architectural activities. Qualifications for the position include the following: “Knowledge of different system supporting RDF. Expertise in implementation of RDF based solutions. Experience in semantic analysis. Understanding of financials data and trends. Prepare high quality documentation. Excellent written and oral communication skills.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Stanford & Pfizer

Stanford University is looking for a Web UI and Backend Server Developer in Palo Alto, CA: “Stanford University is the home for a national center to apply advances in computing to improve the effectiveness of biomedical research and health care. The user-facing part of our center is primarily an open-source web portal for collecting, categorizing, and applying medical and biological terminologies in innovative ways ( In addition, we provide programmatic access to this information to allow others to build upon our technology. One of the applications of this system provides search of biomedical literature and clinical records that is much more effective than has previously been possible.” Read more