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Semantic Technology Job: Cognii


Cognii is looking for an NLP Research Engineer in Boston, MA. According to the post, “Want to build the “Siri for Education?” Cognii is an ed-tech startup that provides automatic assessment and feedback to students’ essay-type answers in online learning. Our mission is to transform education with the help of artificial intelligence technologies. We are seeking bright and talented research engineers to work on natural language processing and machine learning technologies for educational assessments. You will have the opportunity to work with the experienced team towards developing compelling products and solutions for our growing customer demand.” Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: Nuance

Nuance Technologies is looking for a Natural Language Processing Research Engineer in Cambridge, MA. The post states, “As a member of the NLP Research group, the candidate will help develop exciting natural language applications for consumer devices. The main focus of this position will be the development of modeling technologies for a statistical natural language understanding system. The aim is to provide results which reflect a deep understanding of the intent and which support a useful, conversational interaction with an increasingly intelligent backend.” Read more