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Nuance on the Future of Natural Language Processing


Gopal Sathe of NDTV Gadgets recently wrote, “We caught up with Sunny Rao, the MD of Nuance Communications India and South East Asia, and chatted about the developments in speech recognition, frustrations with using speech-to-text software and how the way we interact with our devices is about to change forever. Rao speaks like a person who has been talking to machines for a long time – his speech is clear, and there’s a small space around each word for maximum clarity. Over tea, we’re able to discuss how voice recognition is being used around the world, and how he sees the future of the technology shaping up. And naturally, we talked about the movie Her.” Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: Nuance

Nuance Technologies is looking for a Natural Language Processing Research Engineer in Cambridge, MA. The post states, “As a member of the NLP Research group, the candidate will help develop exciting natural language applications for consumer devices. The main focus of this position will be the development of modeling technologies for a statistical natural language understanding system. The aim is to provide results which reflect a deep understanding of the intent and which support a useful, conversational interaction with an increasingly intelligent backend.” Read more

Nuance Launches Voice Ads: Ads That Can Carry a Conversation

Rachel Metz of Technology Review reports, “Nuance is today announcing Voice Ads, a platform that will let companies create ads that people can talk to on smartphones and tablets. Mike McSherry, vice president of advertising and content at Nuance, says these could range from car ads that let you ask questions about the vehicle shown to ads for a sports network that allow you to get information about who won last night’s game or what time tonight’s game starts. The company has lined up partnerships with several ad agencies including DigitasOMD, and Leo Burnett, as well as with mobile ad distribution networks JumpTapMillennial Media, and Ad Marvel.” Read more

Nuance CTO on the Future of Voice Search

After releasing Dragon Go! For the iPhone and iPad, Nuance Technologies looks to be providing the speech technology for iOS 5. Given that Nuance provides the vocal language interface for Siri, the intelligent personal digital assistant that was later acquired by Apple, this doesn’t come as a big surprise.  In a recent interview, Nuance CTO Vlad Sejnoha “painted a broader picture of how speech technology is poised to be a game-changer for smartphones, especially as they get embedded deeper into the operating systems and hardware. He said speech is transforming from an alternative to text input into a much more powerful tool that can understand user internet and connect them more quickly to information, using natural language processing, semantic analysis and cloud computing. In essence, speech is becoming the smart short cut for mobile.”   Read more