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OpenThinkLab Aims To Put The Intelligence of the Crowd To Better Use

In an interesting turn of events, a project born out of the Occupy Wall Street movement to build social democracy 2.0 (see our story here) has turned into a commercial enterprise.

The effort keeps the title Project 99, but creator Brett McDowell is calling the open source intelligence firm the semantic technology powers OpenThinkLab. The idea remains largely the same, in that it seeks to draw upon the intelligence of the crowd and make it useable, this time in the service of anyone with questions to explore, from startups to think tanks to corporate titans like McDonald’s and MTV — and, yes, even stock traders.

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Twitris Social Media Analysis Tackles Occupy Wall Street, 2012 Elections

Semantic social web application Twitris, a project of Kno.e.sis at Wright State University, recently added to its social media analysis event lineup coverage of Occupy Wall Street, and Election 2012 is set to debut in the next couple of weeks.

These join earlier efforts such as the India Against Corruption Twitris site, and across all of them users can explore the popular topics about the event in the Twittersphere for that day; see related information by clicking on a tag; browse topics by location and see how they trend across different segments of society; search and explore questions related to a topic; view sentiments associated with a particular entity in the topic set; and more.

Leading the effort is Kno.e.sis Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing director and LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar Dr. Amit P. Sheth, who coined the term citizen-sensing and has written on the topic of continuous semantics to analyze real-time data.

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Occupy Movement to Create Own Social Networking Site?

Our own Jennifer Zaino recently shared the story of two developers turning to the semantic web to create a social democracy platform for global protesters. The effort is called Tribeforth Foundation’s Project 99. In a parallel effort, Ed Knutson and the Federated General Assembly are at work on their own social networking platform for protesters. Trent Nouveau reports, “Activists associated with the rapidly evolving OccupyWallStreet (OWS) movement have kicked off an initiative to redefine social networking for a new age of global protest. According to web and mobile app developer Ed Knutson, the new tech could go well beyond OWS to help create more distributed social networks, optimize online business collaboration and perhaps even help make the concept of a semantic web a reality.” Read more

From Occupy Wall Street To A Semantic Platform For Social and Political Discussion

Occupy Wall Street, as a real-world presence, has been pushed off the front pages since the Zuccotti Park protestors were rousted out of their 24/7 encampment, with bands in many other cities also being given the heave-ho. But its spirit may virtually reconvene with the Tribeforth Foundation’s Project 99.

To be clear, what Brett McDowell and D’Arcy Cunningham of the Foundation are working on is more about building social democracy 2.0 than being affiliated with a specific movement and enforcing its viewpoint, though the two did meet face-to-face for the first time at the Vancouver, Canada version of Occupy Wall Street. And their plan is to realize that dream using semantic and open source technology.

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