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Keep It Simple, Smarty: How the BBC Is Expanding Their Linked Data Platform

At the Semantic Technology and Business Conference last June in San Francisco, David Rogers of the BBC was on-hand to educate attendees on the origins and progress of the BBC’s impressive Linked Data Platform. In his presentation, Rogers — who serves as Senior Technical Architect for BBC Future Media (News & Knowledge) — explained how the news giant’s use of semantic technologies has evolved since they first turned to Linked Data to better report on the 2010 World Cup. Currently, the BBC Linked Data Platform works with content across the company, including news, sports, music, location, and learning.

Rogers started things off with a little history. Leading up to the 2010 World Cup, the BBC wanted to create a sports website, and they found that RDF triplestores were the best way to connect and organize their player, team, and tournament information. Pleased with what they’d accomplished, the BBC amped things up a few notches for the 2012 Olympics. Everything got scaled up, their data became more dynamic, and all while relying on the simplest metadata possible. Before the Olympics, the BBC Sports website had information on 300 athletes. By the end, 1,100 athletes were covered semantically, allowing the BBC’s vast pool of reporters to all draw upon the same data and interlink their content in an easily discoverable manner. Read more

BBC Online Olympic Coverage Shattered Records

Jamie Beach recently interviewed Marina Kalkanis, Head of Media Services at the BBC regarding the BBC’s online coverage of the Olympics. Kalkanis stated, “For the UK audience the 2012 Olympics online offering changed the way our audience engage with digital media. We shattered previous records for consumption across desktops, mobiles, tablets and TVs. We found that TV and mobile usage grew by orders of magnitude and we’ve seen sustained growth afterwards. With 24 live streams and 2500 hours of VOD available across all these devices, our challenge was to ensure that audiences could find the events they wanted to watch. With the Olympics we introduced the Interactive Video Player (IVP) with the chapter markings and event switching.” Read more

Highlights from SemTechBiz SF from Anthony Myers

Anthony Myers of CMS Wire recently shared a few highlights from SemTechBiz SF. He writes, “Semantic Web technology is slowly changing the way people use the Internet, and SemTech 2012 is a prime showcase for the best minds in linked data, enterprise solutions and interactive Web experiences. That’s because semantic technology is approaching widestream adoption, and Google’s recent launch of the Knowledge Graph platform is one such manifestation of the technology’s mainstream appeal. At day three of the SemTech 2012 Conference in San Francisco, companies such as Google, Microsoft, NASA, the BBC and the New York Times gathered to present their visions on Web standards of the future. Specifically, many presenters focused on how they are using linked data to better locate, relate and translate content for the best possible Web experience.” Read more