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Ontotext Improves Its RDF Triplestore, GraphDB™ 6.0

ontotextSofia, Bulgaria (PRWEB) August 20, 2014 – GraphDB™ 6.0 from Ontotext was released today including improvements to the enterprise replication cluster, faster loading speeds, higher update rates and connectors for Lucene, SOLR and Elasticsearch. This release happens to coincide with a name change for this high performance triplestore – GraphDB™ was formerly known as OWLIM. Now, organizations interested in deploying the only mature enterprise resilient RDF triplestore will also benefit from advanced search functionality using the best full-text search engines without additional integration and synchronization efforts. Read more

The Importance of the Semantic Web To Our Cultural Heritage

oldmasterpaintingEarlier this year The Semantic Web Blog reported that the Getty Research Institute has released the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) as Linked Open Data. One of the external advisors to its work was Vladimir Alexiev, who leads the Data and Ontology Management group at Ontotext and works on many projects related to cultural heritage.

Ontotext’s OWLIM family of semantic repositories supports large-scale knowledge bases of rich semantic information, and powerful reasoning. The company, for example, did the first working implementation of CIDOC CRM search; CIDOC CRM is one of these rich ontologies for cultural heritage.

We caught up with Alexiev recently to gain some insight into semantic technology’s role in representing the cultural heritage sphere. Here are some of his thoughts about why it’s important for cultural institutions to adopt Linked Open Data and semantic technologies to enhance our digital understanding of cultural heritage objects and information:

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#SemTech Spotlight: Ontotext

One of the many exciting companies that will be featured at next week’s Semantic Technology Conference is Ontotext, a leading developer of core semantic technology. On Tuesday, June 7, Ontotext executive director Atanas Kostadinov Kiryakov and Victor Valentinov Penev will be presenting Ontotext’s Web Mining Framework in a session entitled Baking with Data: from Jobs to Cars to Food. According to the session description, “Ontotext’s Web Mining Framework (WMF) allows for extraction and normalization of specific types of information in the web.” Read more

Introducing UMBEL Version 1.00

After four years of tinkering, Structured Dynamics and Ontotext are ready to announce the release of UMBEL version 1.00, the first production-grade release of the system. According to the article, UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer) “is primarily a reference ontology, which contains 28,000 concepts (classes and relationships) derived from the Cyc knowledge base. The reference concepts of UMBEL are mapped to Wikipedia, DBpedia ontology classes, GeoNames and PROTON.” Read more