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The Debate Over Net Neutrality


Jeff Sommer of the New York Times recently wrote, “The future of the Internet — which means the future of communications, culture, free speech and innovation — is up for grabs. The Federal Communications Commission is making decisions that may determine how open the Internet will be, who will profit most from it and whether start-ups will face new barriers that will make it harder for ideas to flourish. Tim Wu, 41, a law professor at Columbia University, isn’t a direct participant in the rule making, but he is influencing it. A dozen years ago, building on the work of more senior scholars, Mr. Wu developed a concept that is now a generally accepted norm. Called ‘net neutrality,’ short for network neutrality, it is essentially this: The cable and telephone companies that control important parts of the plumbing of the Internet shouldn’t restrict how the rest of us use it.” Read more

UN Considers Internet Freedom of Expression a Human Right

In open data news, the United Nations Human Rights Council has rallied behind the right to internet freedom of expression. William New reports, “With tension seeming to brim just beneath the surface, human rights officials from around the world came together [on February 29] at the United Nations in Geneva to talk about ways to keep the internet open and nationally regulated at the same time. There were no decisions, and wide differences in views, but the first-of-its-kind panel might have laid the ground for future work on internet freedom and human rights. Intellectual property rights were mentioned several times.” Read more