At I-Semantics, the 7th International Conference on Semantic Systems held in Austria in mid-September, winning notices were given to some interesting semantic web projects.

One of them, DBpedia Spotlight, which annotates mentions of DBpedia resources in text to link unstructured information sources to the Linked Open Data cloud and which the Semantic Web Blog covered here, won the Best Paper Award. The open government data triplification track award went to John Erickson, Yongmei Shi, Li Ding, Eric Rozell, Jin Zheng and Professor Jim Hendler for“TWC International Open Government Dataset Catalog, covered here.

And the open data triplification track award went to Daniel Garijo, Boris Villazón and Oscar Corcho for the contribution, A Provenance-Aware Linked Data Application for Trip Management and Organization. (Corcho also has been involved in Fortunata, a tool for helping developers and graphic designers that aren’t well-versed in semantic web technologies create Internet applications that use and generate semantic data, covered here.) The Semantic Web Blog wanted to catch up our readers on this winning trip-management entry, as well, and engaged in an email conversation with the developers to get better acquainted with the application entitled El Viajero, for exploiting, managing and organizing Linked Data in the domain of news and blogs about travelling.

A Web n+1 project, it integrates content from newspapers and digital platforms belonging to the Prisa Digital Group in the domain of news and blogs about travel. Uploaded a couple of months ago to the CKAN open source data software portal, the dataset is available on the Linked Open Data Cloud. The current number of triples is 9,462,350, but it goes up every month or two, when the developers update the content with new guides.

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