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Track Sentiment Analysis On Your Mobile Device with the New vs. App

July 3, 2013 [] San Francisco, California – Ever wondered which celebrity is more popular on Twitter? Which band has a more active fan base, or which team has more support going into tonight’s big game? Meet vs. – the first-ever entertainment app that uses natural language processing to analyze tweets in real time for sentiment, relevance and trends. Developed by OpenAmplify(TM), a technological leader in text analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions, vs. marks the company’s first venture into the mobile app market.  Read more

A Fertile Field For Semantic Tech: Social CRM

Image Courtesy; Flickr/Sean MacEntee


When it comes to social CRM, it’s a world of semantics, and text and sentiment analytics.

Recently Gartner released its Magic Quadrant report on the space, and a reading of it makes it pretty clear that the category, which the research group defines as “a business strategy that generates opportunities for sales, marketing and customer service, while also benefiting online communities,” demands such intelligence.

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Coming Attractions From OpenAmplify

At SemTech, OpenAmplify’s founder and CEO Mark Redgrave and co-founder and CIO Mike Petit talked to The Semantic Web Blog about the company’s cloud-based technology for extracting meaning from text and what’s next on the horizon.

Most recently, Radian6 incorporated OpenAmplify’s technology as part of its Insights social media monitoring service. OpenAmplify includes a CRM Insight that automatically filters and tags individual comments into to-do categories, such as comment, engage or support.

OpenAmplify expects shortly to have something to show the market about its ability to deal with one of the vexing problems around pronoun ambiguity in text analytics. Watch the video for some details:

Announcements from the #SemTech Show Floor

A wide array of products, applications, and other advances in the world of semantic technology were announced at last week’s Semantic Technology Conference. Announcements came from such industry heavy-hitters as Franz, Revelytix, and Expert System. Below are a collection of announcements from event sponsors who used the forum of SemTech to reveal their latest updates. Read more

OpenAmplify Brings Social to Videolytics

According to a recent article, “WPP’s Kantar Video has tapped semantic web service OpenAmplify to turn its Videolytics (video + analytics — get it?) platform social, and help clients understand the social situation surrounding their video ads. Videolytics offers real-time measurement, identification, syndication, tracking and optimization services for online and mobile video campaigns, including fingerprinting technology that tracks all appearances of an online video no matter how it’s distributed. By integrating OpenAmplify’s natural language processing technology, Kantar clients will be able to determine sentiment, topics of discussion and viewer intent in the vicinity of their video ads.” Read more

Holiday Gifts On Semantic Web Experts’ Lists

Image Courtesy: Flickr/Lori Greig

It doesn’t matter whether this month you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, or anything else. In December, most everyone’s thoughts turn to presents. So, what makes it to the top of some semantic web and data experts’ holiday gift lists for their friends, family, colleagues – the world?

We asked, and their (mostly) semantic-web inspired holiday lists include some real and some imagined – not to mention imaginative – ideas. Read on:

John Breslin, Lecturer and researcher at NUI Galway, Creator of SIOC

If I could give out some Christmas tools or tips to colleagues or friends, the first would be to try out Drupal 7 on their own website, and get the metadata out there. I’d also ask that my friends show their friends some of the cool semantically-powered tools like Siri or to show the power of linking things together with semantics. Finally, in terms of useful non-semantic free programs, I’d give out Evernote, Dropbox, Inkscape, the Gimp, and TweetDeck (great for multiple keyword searches like “semantic web” OR semanticweb OR “sem web” OR semweb). Oh, and an online backup program of your choice, like Mozy or CrashPlan!

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Global Market Research Agency Deploys OpenAmplify Semantic Platform For Better Insight Into Verbatim Survey Answers


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Market research companies are getting hip to the opportunity of using semantic technology to deliver meaningful results to clients from the surveys they conduct for them. Global research agency Millward Brown, whose clients include a large number of Fortune 500 brands ranging from CPG to services to insurance, certainly does: It’s just signed on to use OpenAmplify’s semantic platform to help with analyzing and finding strategic value from survey participant’s open-ended comments.

Bringing a semantic platform into play here came about through the efforts of the Millward Brown’s global innovation team, where Sherri Stevens is director. Stevens hopes Millward Brown is an early adopter in the space to leverage semantic technology’s possibilities, but she’d be surprised if it isn’t taken up in a big way by the research industry at large. “To be able to use technology to understand sentiments and topics and consumer intentions based on their own comments to us is really important – it’s a step forward in surveys,” she says. “Obviously, asking people direct questions has been in surveys since forever, but this takes things beyond coding to something that can help one find the meaning and quantify sentiment and all that across multiple consumers.”

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Understanding + Classification = Monetization From the Semantic Web, Says OpenAmplify

Semantic technology web services provider OpenAmplify unveiled the next
solution in its portfolio at this week’s Semantic Web Summit. It’s adding
onto its OpenAmplify platform, which surfaces the meaning of content (its
topics, sentiment, expressed intentions and so forth), with a customized
classification solution dubbed Ampliverse.

The company says that with the new service, it’s delivering the one-two
punch businesses need to monetize content:

1) Understanding and

2) Classification that lets businesses create taxonomies that are specific to
their own domains.

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