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A Look At LOD2 Project Accomplishments

lod2pixIf you’re interested in Linked Data, no doubt you’re planning to listen in on next week’s Semantic Web Blog webinar, Getting Started With The Linked Data Platform (register here), featuring Arnaud Le Hors, Linked Data Standards Lead at IBM and chair of the W3C Linked Data Platform WG and the OASIS OSLC Core TC. It also may be on your agenda to attend this month’s Semantic Web Technology & Business Conference, where speakers including Le Hors, Manu Sporny, Sandro Hawke, and others will be presenting Linked Data-focused sessions.

In the meantime, though, you might enjoy reviewing the results of the LOD2 Project, the European Commission co-funded effort whose four-year run, begun in 2010, aimed at advancing RDF data management; extracting, creating and enriching structured RDF data; interlinking data from different sources; and authoring, exploring and visualizing Linked Data. To that end, why not take a stroll through the recently released Linked Open Data – Creating Knowledge Out of Interlinked Data, edited by LOD2 Project participants Soren Auer of the Institut für Informatik III Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität; Volha Bryl of the University of Mannheim, and Sebastian Tramp of the University of Leipzig?

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CWI & OpenLink Software Partner to Improve Semantic Databases

CWI reports, “Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica has cooperated with OpenLink Software, to help apply advanced database methods developed at CWI in the Virtuoso database product of OpenLink. The cooperation between CWI and OpenLink Software, was established in the European research project LOD2 (, that aims at strengthening the tools and technology for semantic data management. As a result of this cooperation, techniques pioneered at CWI like vector execution and column compression have now been included into the Virtuoso product by OpenLink, leading to breakthrough improvements in database performance.” Read more

Stop SOPA Protest Gets Underway With On Board

Editor’s Update Jan. 19: DBpedia, Wikipedia and company are all back online, while some lawmakers have taken their support for SOPA and PIPA offline. Republican Senators Roy Blunt and Marco Rubio have withdrawn their support for the Protect IP Act, and Representative Lee Terry (R-Neb.), an original co-sponsor of SOPA, also has asked to have his name removed from the bill.


It’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) day. At 8 a.m. EST  OpenLink Software began a 12-hour blackout of the following sites it controls in support of Wikipedia, Reddit and others spearheading the online protest against the legislation:

Founder and CEO of OpenLink Software Kingsley Idehen yesterday directed interested parties to a Linked Data-driven poll for the opportunity to vote on taking this step, and the ayes, so to speak, had it.

Turn to any of the above sites and you’ll see:

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Sindice Puts The Web of Data At Your Disposal

Ltd. launched as a startup company this week, complete with a publicly available beta SPARQL endpoint to its indexed and live-updated dataset of some 12 billion triples. Next week will see Sindice –which began as a joint academic research project among DERI, the Fondazione Bruno Kessler and OpenLink Software to collect, search, query and build applications on top of semantically marked up Web data — deliver formal support for

Sindice, of course, is agnostic when it comes to ingesting semantic markup formats. Supporting new formats is just a matter of syntax adaptation for the service. Whatever format a web site decides to employ — from RDF to RDFa to microformats to microdata — Sindice has coverage of the structured web data and keeps it fresh.

The service opens up vast possibilities for business: As long as a web site structures data in one of these formats, and uses standards like Sitemaps for publishing semantic content, it can become a part of Sindice’s continuously updated repository. And thus it become a datasource for business use, one that also can join with other datasets.

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