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Open Gov Survey Looking for Participants

The University of Leeds is conducting a survey to determine the barriers to realizing the value of open government data. According to the survey website, “The University of Leeds, Socio-technical Centre and Centre for Integrated Energy Research, are conducting a research project on realising the value of open government data. This survey plays a key role in the project and focuses on developing understanding of: the potential barriers to improving the supply of open government data; the potential barriers to increasing the use of open data; and approaches to overcoming these potential barriers. By participating in this survey and providing your viewpoint you will be helping to shape policy, research and the wider dialogue on open data.” Read more

Help DBpedia: Participate in the Evaluation Campaign

DBpedia has begun an Evaluation Campaign with the aim of “evaluating DBpedia resources in order to assess and thereby improve the quality of DBpedia.” It works like this: “First, please authenticate yourself with a google account. This will not only help prevent spam but also help us keep track of how many resources you evaluated. After you click ‘Start’, you will be provided with a list of classes from DBpedia wherein you may choose the ones you are most familiar with. There are three options: (1) Any: where a completely random resource will be retrieved, (2) Class: where you have the option to choose any class from the DBpedia ontology and a random resource belonging to that class will be retrieved, (3) Manual: where you can manually put in the DBpedia URI of a resource of your choice.” Read more