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The Open Data Institute Gains Five More Partners


Max Smolaks of Tech Week Europe reports, “The Open Data Institute (ODI), the UK non-profit organisation co-founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt to make better use of the huge amounts of information collected by the public sector, has signed up another five organisations to serve as its international ‘Nodes’. The Tech City-based ODI was established in December 2012 as the culmination of plans to transform access to government data and has since expanded to a number of different countries. The new nodes are located in Osaka, Seoul, Sheffield, Philadelphia and Hawaii, marking the first time the ODI has expanded to Asia.” Read more

Diffbot and Semantria Team Up for Better Text Analytics

DiffbotJordan Novet of Venture Beat reports, “Analyzing text on the Internet to measure how positive it is — product reviews on, for example — has become easier and less expensive with tools from AlchemyAPI, Semantria, and other companies. But finding the text actually worth mining can be a chore in itself. To do this, Semantria has announced a formal partnership with a company called Diffbot that does the grunt work of finding important passages. Diffbot uses what it calls ‘computer vision’ technology to scour websites for meaningful information, shedding things like complex surrounding Web code. It then churns out clean text for analysis. Once Diffbot supplies Semantria with the structured text, Semantria assesses its meaning and tone. Semantria’s goal is to “bring text and sentiment analysis into the hands of a nontechnical person in under 3 minutes and for less than $1,000,” according to founder and chief executive Oleg Rogynskyy.” Read more