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Attensity Adds to Patent Portfolio for Unstructured Data Analysis Technology


Redwood City, CA – July 8, 2014 – Attensity (@Attensity), the leading provider of corporate insight solutions based on proprietary data contextualization, today announced the issuance of US Patent No. 8,645,395 on unstructured data sentiment analysis. This patent was awarded to Biz360 Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Attensity Group, Inc., and adds to the nearly dozen that Attensity currently holds for analysis of unstructured data. Read more

IHS Granted Key Patent for Proprietary, Next-Generation Search Technology


ENGLEWOOD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IHS Inc., a leading global source of critical information and insight, today announced it has been granted a new patent for the question-answering technology behind its award-winning IHS Goldfire software, used by companies to accelerate research and power innovation.


Patent No. 8,666,730, labeled “Question-Answering System and Method Based on Semantic Labeling of Text Documents and User Questions,” further extends more than two decades of leadership by IHS Goldfire in precision search technologies. The patent was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 4, 2014 and is valid through March 2030. Read more

Siri May Be Able to Search Photos Soon


Jon Reed of iPhoneFAQ reports, “Apple’s overhauled Photos application that debuted with iOS 7 earlier this year introduced automatic photo sorting by date and location. A new patent application that surfaced at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday suggests that Apple wants to improve upon this idea by allowing users to tag photos and search for them using Siri. The patent, entitled ‘Voice-Based Image Tagging and Searching,’ describes how the idea works in its abstract: ‘The electronic device provides a natural language text string corresponding to a speech input associated with the digital photograph. The electronic device performs natural language processing on the text string to identify one or more terms associated with an entity, an activity, or a location. The electronic device tags the digital photograph with the one or more terms and their associated entity, activity, or location’.” Read more

Veveo Awarded Patent for Advanced Speech-Based Interface Technology With Conversational Capability


ANDOVER, MA–(Marketwired – Nov 18, 2013) - Veveo, a leading provider of semantic technologies to bridge the usability gap in connected devices and applications with intelligent search, discovery and personalization solutions, announced today it has been awarded a seminal patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the area of speech-based interfaces for devices that allow natural conversations similar to the way people speak with each other.  Read more

Veveo Awarded New Patent for Generating Personalized Cross-Platform Recommendations


[Editor’s Note: Sam Vasisht, Chief Marketing Officer of Veveo discussed Veveo’s use of conversational user interfaces at the recent SemTechBiz Conference in New York.]

ANDOVER, MA–(Marketwired – Oct 7, 2013) - Veveo, a leading provider of semantic technologies to bridge the usability gap in connected devices and applications with intelligent search, discovery and personalization solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a new patent in the field of personalized recommendations by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This marks the tenth patent awarded to Veveo this year and brings its total count of issued patents to 42.  Read more

SearchYourCloud Awarded U.S. Patent for Improved Search Engine Results

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Jul 9, 2013) – Simplexo has been granted a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent — entitled Improved Search Engine — offers unprecedented search capabilities for users by leveraging Boolean and semantic search technologies to deliver enhanced search results. Users can search across clouds and within content and document details to obtain relevant and accurate search results.

“Our search is highly intuitive and delivers filtered, contextual results rather than merely just delivering the results based on the number of word occurrences,” stated Simon Bain, CTO of Simplexo. “Results are based on both the keywords and overall relevance to the query. The technology allows for word order to be changed around and reversed for enhanced search. For example, searching for ‘summer vacation memos’ would search for the exact phrase, the words in any order, related terms such as travel, holiday and messages within documents.” Read more

Veveo Receives US Patent for Semantic Search

According to a new article out of the company, “Veveo, a leading provider of semantic technologies to bridge the usability gap in connected devices and applications with intelligent search, discovery and personalization solutions, announced today the issuance of a new patent application, bringing its total count of issued patents to 31 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Veveo has filed more than 67 patent applications to date for advanced technologies that support more than 100 million connected devices and televisions globally through Tier-1 operators and device OEMs in the pay television and mobile sectors.” Read more

Microsoft Obtains a Patent for Augmented Reality Glasses

According to Charles Arthur of the Guardian, Microsoft has obtained a patent for augmented reality glasses, and the possibilities for semantic technology to be incorporated are endless. Arthur writes, “Microsoft has been given a patent on ‘augmented reality’ (AR) glasses that would enhance sports and other live events with streams of information beamed directly in front of the user – even including action replays and lyrics of songs. The move means that it could soon join Google in offering AR systems for widespread use, after the search giant unveiled its own Google Glass project earlier this year, intended to be used all the time as the user goes about their daily life.” Read more

Appinions Gets Patent for Opinion Analysis

Appinions, an opinion based marketing platform reports that the company has been awarded a patent “for their groundbreaking methodology for analyzing, extracting and summarizing opinions from digital text, such as articles, blog posts and social media messages. The US Patent Office awarded the patent to Appinions for the system and method for automatically summarizing fine-grained opinions in digital text. The patent covers the methodology Appinions uses to analyze text from more than 5 million online sources to extract opinions, identify the person or source of a particular opinion and determine the topic and sentiment of that opinion. The patent is effective for 20 years and precludes other companies from implementing the methodology and business processes developed by Appinions.” Read more

BRS Labs Patents AI-Powered Surveillance System

Behavioral Recognition Systems (BRS Labs) has been issued a US Patent for “the company’s unique artificial intelligence based technology that serves as the foundation for its AISight® 3.0 video surveillance software platform. This is one of a series of more than 60 related U.S. Patents that have either been granted, are pending, or are in process.”

BRS Labs President John Frazzini commented, “The video surveillance technology we have invented is distinctly and materially different from the simple recognition capabilities found in video analytics solutions currently available from a number of vendors in the physical security market… Read more