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Announcing the Latest Release of the PROV Family of Documents

Paul Groth of the W3C reports, “The W3C Provenance Working Group is happy to announce a new release of the PROV Family of Documents, which provides a framework for interchanging provenance on the Web. This family includes 4 Candidate Recommendations that define the core of PROV along with several supporting documents some of which are first public working drafts. The PROV-Overview is the first entry point for PROV and provides a description of each document and how they fit together. Read more

Latest W3C Provenance Working Group Report

Paul Groth of the W3C has shared a new report out of the Provenance Working Group: “After an intense and fun week at the International Semantic Web Conference, I wanted to bring you up to date with the fourth face-to-face meeting of the Provenance Working Group. The meeting was held the two days before the start of ISWC and hosted by the W3C in their offices. We had 12 in-person participants and several who attended remotely on the phone.” Read more