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Persado Adds Renowned Columbia University Academic to its Team of Advisers

Aug 7, 2013, 8:00am — Persado, the global leader of Marketing Language Engineering, has announced that Michael Collins, computational linguist from Columbia University, has been appointed as a special adviser.

Collins is a seasoned researcher with a strong background in the field of natural language processing and machine learning. His research is focused on statistical parsing problems, structured prediction problems in machine learning, and applications including machine translation, dialog systems and speech recognition. Read more

UK-Based Persado Raises $15M to Open US Office

Ken Yeung of The Next Web reports, “Persado, a data-driven marketing service, believes that its ‘Marketing Persuasion Technology’ can help advertisers compose better messaging that it believes will return greater value. Today, it has received $15 million in a round led by Bain Capital Ventures. Along with Bain Capital, Persado has also received funding from TLcom Capital. The company tells us that it will use the service to further its investment in research and development, and increase its staff with the hiring of more engineers, data scientists, and building its sales and marketing teams.” Read more