Image courtesy: Flickr/ Ian W Scott

Teaching may seem the most obvious career choice for philosophy students. But it’s not the only one. Epistematica, which provides tools and services for Linked Data and semantic web applications, sees opportunities for philosophers at any organization that will be publishing Linked Data.

“Any organization that will want to be in the semantic web will need a philosopher,” says Dr. Marco Romano, Epistematica’s chief knowledge officer – a graduate in Philosophy at RomaTre University, who also has a Phd in Logic from Paris 13 University.

Why? “In order to produce a good ontology or even also a good vocabulary that can be really useful in the semantic web, that is to connect to Linked Data on the web of data, you need a philosopher, someone who can look at things on the web, to understand what they actually are and how to describe them in the most suitable way. That is, such that it is well-useable and understandable to machines, to services that will use that data, but also to the people [who will want] to find it.”

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