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Time To Take On A Taxonomy: Pingar Customizes and Automates The Task

There’s more than one way to get a taxonomy. A company can go out and buy one for its industry, for instance, but the risk is that the terms may not relate to how it talks about content in its own organization, and the hierarchy may not be the right fit either. That sets up two potential outcomes, says Chris Riley, VP of marketing at Pingar: You wind up having to customize it, or with users who just ignore it.

It’s possible to build one, but that’s a big job and a costly one, too – especially for many enterprises, where there hasn’t traditionally been a focus on structuring content and so the skills to do it aren’t necessarily there. While industries like publishing, oil and gas, life sciences, and pharma have that bent, many other verticals do not. In fact, Riley notes, they may realize they have a content organization problem, but not that what they’d benefit from to address it even goes by the name ‘taxonomy.’

Pingar’s looking to help out those enterprises that want to bring organization to their content, whether or not they’re familiar with the concept of a taxonomy. It just launched its automated Taxonomy Generator Service that uses an organization’s own content to build a taxonomy that mirrors its own way of talking about things and its understanding of relationships between child and parent terms.

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Introducing “Innovation Spotlight” Series with Pingar

[Editor’s Note: This interview, conducted by guest Sean Golliher, is our first in the new series entitled “Innovation Spotlight.” It’s part of our initiative to introduce the semantic web community to innovative companies working on important problems using Semantic Technologies.

If you would like your company to be considered for an interview please email editor[ at ]semanticweb[ dot ]com.]

Pingar Interview:

Alyona Medelyan ( @zelandiya ) joined Pingar ( @PingarHQ ) in 2010 and is the chief research officer at Pingar. She has a PhD in Natural Language Processing that was completed at the University of Waikato and funded by Google. Her expertise areas are Keywords and Entity Extraction, as well as Wikipedia Mining.

In this interview we find out more about Pingar’s research, their products, and the clients they work with.

Sean: Hi Alyona. Thanks for speaking with us today.  When was Pingar founded and can you explain a little bit about what Pingar does?

Alyona: Pingar was founded in 2007 and in the past 5 years we have developed innovative software for document management and text analytics. I joined the company in 2010 and have been focusing more specifically on automated metadata assignment by adding keyword extraction, named entity recognition and taxonomy mapping capabilities.

Sean: What techniques do you use for keyword extraction and named entity recognition? Are you using any existing databases to aide with entity recognition?

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Pingar Catches Semi-Structured Data from Invoices

A new article reports that “Pingar, a leading provider of unstructured data management solutions today announced a new tool for enterprises to quickly capture data and business intelligence stored in documents and use that data for business advantage and operational efficiency. Invoice Analyzer extends Pingar’s proven ability to apply text analytics and natural language processing research, to capture, sort and analyze data in unstructured documents to include semi-structured data.” Read more