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PredictionIO Raises $2.5M for Open Source Machine Learning Platform

predChristopher Tozzi of The VAR Guy reports, “PredictionIO, the open source machine learning platform, has received a big boost with the announcement of $2.5 million in seed funding, which it plans to use to make its automated data interpretation and prediction platform widely available to open source developers. PredictionIO’s goal is to make it easy for developers and companies of all sizes to integrate machine learning —i.e., software that can interpret data intelligently to make automated decisions and predictions—into their products. ‘PredictionIO aims to be the Machine Learning server behind every application,’ according to the company. ‘Building Machine Learning in software will be as common as search soon with PredictionIO’.” Read more

Vertical Search Works Unveils FeaturePlay, New Content Discovery Platform


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Top search technology company Vertical Search Works (VSW) today announced the launch of FeaturePlay, a brand new content discovery platform powered by VSW’s proprietary semantic search technology, which recommends articles, photos, and videos related to users’ interests. The FeaturePlay widget embeds into a publisher’s website and uses semantic technology to showcase the most relevant content, saving visitors from having to explicitly search for it. Whether users’ interests lay in pop culture, sports, travel, food, health, or interior design, FeaturePlay helps to establish greater value for consumers, which results in more revenue for publishers. Read more

CollabRx Launches Commercial Service for the Interpretation of Clinical Cancer Sequencing

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CollabRx, Inc. (Nasdaq:CLRX), a data analytics company focused on informing clinical decision making in molecular medicine, today announced the launch of the company’s Genetic Variant Annotation™ (GVA™) service. The GVA service is a new product and the company’s first offering for the clinical laboratory market. CollabRx will provide the GVA service to the molecular diagnostic segment of the clinical laboratory market which includes reference laboratories, hospital laboratories, research institutions, and laboratories within academic medical centers. Read more

EchoStar Debuts Dynamic-Intelligence-Powered Self-Care Platform

Today, technology users are faced with an unrelenting proliferation of smart phones, computers and tablets in their homes. The Symbi software-as-a-service product suite enables True Tier Zero™ problem resolution, service provisioning and live customer/agent interactions for today’s technology-dense households.

This evolutionary solution leverages EchoStar’s patented Semantic Knowledge Management System™ (SKMS), a dynamic intelligence engine that delivers guided content that is filtered and prioritized based on the end user’s actual technology environment.

Symbi is not just for consumers. Customer service professionals can utilize its intelligent incident management platform. Symbi provides a one-point solution where agents can manage each aspect of customer service and technical support.

With Symbi, consumers and call center professionals have a solution that:

  • Proactively speeds diagnosis and resolution of common set-up, service delivery and technical support incidents
  • Continuously monitors Internet connectivity and offers guided content to assist with device set-up, usage and performance maintenance
  • Provides service center call deflection and helps to reduce truck rolls

Providers utilizing Symbi will be able to deliver superior customer service extending the consumer lifecycle while achieving operational savings. Symbi also enables service – provisioning and creates new revenue channels through an on-board ecommerce portal.

Symbi is the latest innovation from EchoStar, known globally for its award-winning consumer products and services. These include the popular Hopper® whole-home DVR; the Slingbox® content place-shifting device and HughesNet®, the leading high-speed satellite-delivered Internet service in North America.

About EchoStar

EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS) is a premier global provider of satellite operations and video delivery solutions. EchoStar’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Hughes, is the world’s leading provider of satellite broadband services, delivering network technologies and managed services for enterprise and government customers in more than 100 countries.

EchoStar’s consumer solutions include HughesNet®, North America’s #1 high-speed satellite Internet service, Sling Media’s Slingbox® products, and EchoStar’s line of set-top box products for the free-to-air satellite and terrestrial markets. For more information, please visit

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Image: Courtesy EchoStar

Elsevier’s Digital Services Upgraded to Provide Enhanced Searching and Mobile Capabilities

PHILADELPHIA, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Elsevier, a word-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced a major investment in services provided to its society partners and individual readers: a new online platform and management system for its 500+ health, medical, and life science journal-branded websites.

The new online platform will provide these journal-branded websites improved search results accuracy, a more robust editorial tool to create topical article collections, and a high quality reading experience for visitors using mobile devices. The upgrades will begin this Fall. Read more

Fujitsu, DERI Set to Unveil Details of Linked Data Interface

Carmel Doyle of Silicon Republic recently covered some exciting developments that have arisen from the recent collaboration between Fujitsu Labs and DERI: “This week, Fujitsu is presenting the first results from its research collaboration with DERI at the XBRL26 conference taking place in Dublin. Speaking this afternoon, Fujitsu Ireland’s head of research Anthony McCauley said the team has been pioneering an interface that sits on linked data. ‘We’ve been looking at that not just from a research perspective but also in terms of the real commercial opportunities that linked data can provide,’ he said.”

Doyle continues, “The big challenge at the moment for data miners is that data sets are dispersed in different locations. Read more

The Marvelous Minds of Minsk

Micheal Dumiak reports, “In a quiet lane in Belarus’s capital, across from playgrounds and tower-block apartments, sits an old textile factory with a courtyard mural of a smiling Vladimir Lenin. Upstairs is something unexpected—60 programmers and artificial-intelligence researchers implementing algorithms and building databases for a sprawling semantic-search platform. This is what Ken Klapproth calls the ‘factory’ for the Invention Machine, a 20-year-old software firm in Boston (recently acquired by Colorado-based IHS) that specializes in natural-language processing. Klapproth leads product marketing for Invention Machine and is a solid supporter of Minsk’s IT scene.” Read more

Expedia is Testing Natural Language Travel Search

Kevin May of Tnooz reports, “It’s not just startups trying to capture the mood for developing natural language and semantic search in travel – Expedia is quietly working on its own platform. The project is being run out of a new research and development department within Expedia Affiliate Network and is currently aimed at providing partner sites with the early stages of natural language search using the mounds of data collected elsewhere around the Expedia portfolio. A sandbox site, YourVisit, is also up and running for testing (EAN admits it is a bit rough around the edges, but is in place purely for demonstration and beta purposes).” Read more

Trapit Launches New Semantic Platform

According to a new release from the company, “Trapit, the AI-powered, personalized discovery engine, today announced the early availability of the Trapit Platform. After successfully launching Trapit for iPad in July, Trapit is productizing the underlying technology and offering it to 3rd parties to build their own highly-personalized content discovery experiences and applications. The company also announced that they have closed their first platform partnership agreement with Astro, Malaysia’s leading consumer media entertainment group.” Read more

Certify Data Systems Launches HealthLogix HIE Platform

Certify Data Systems has announced the availability of HealthLogix, a Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform. The platform “is the first HIE solution to deliver on the promise of an aggregated patient view from all healthcare encounters across the community no matter what native EMR/EHR system is in use. Without this capability, healthcare organizations and providers participating in a Medical Home or an Accountable Care initiative will continue to struggle with incomplete clinical data to care for their patients.” Read more