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EyeEm Expands Platform, Capitalizes on Semantic Tagging

David Myer of GigaOm reports that Instagram rival EyeEm is working on a few developments of its own. Myer writes, “It may not have Instagram’s user numbers, but what EyeEm does now have is wider platform reach. On Wednesday the Berlin firm’s Windows Phone app came out, through a close tie-in with both Microsoft and Nokia. The release means EyeEm is now available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the web, which makes for two more platforms than its biggest rival can manage for now.” Read more

BigVoice Announces Big Data Analysis Platform

Digital marketing agency BigVoice Unlimited has announced a new Big Data analysis platform. According to the company, the platform is “a comprehensive set of consumer research tools and methodologies designed to deliver more meaningful web-based consumer insight & brand information. At BigVoice our goal is to help our clients improve the accuracy and efficiency of marketing activities by providing fast, cost-effective digital solutions for consumer research, strategic planning, and measurement analytics. Our new Big Data Analysis platform utilizes patented technology to capture timely and precise consumer insight from the web and social media that can be used to more effectively reach, attract and engage consumers to accelerate business growth.” Read more

Preventing Violence with Open Data

The Open Knowledge Foundation is using open data to try to prevent violent conflict around the world. The foundation states, “We’re in the planning stages of a conflict prevention project called PAX and open data perspectives have fed into our thinking in its processes and structures. PAX aims to provide early warnings of emerging violent conflict, through an online collaborative system of data sharing and analysis. We’re still in the early stages of exploration and experiment, but the principle is that open data could help provide warnings of emerging violent conflict, enabling governments, NGOs and citizens to take action to prevent it escalating.” Read more

NPG Launches Linked Data Platform

Nature Publishing Group has joined the linked open data community. The organization recently announced that NPG “is pleased to join the linked data community by opening up access to its publication data via a linked data platform. NPG’s Linked Data Platform is available at The platform includes more than 20 million Resource Description Framework (RDF) statements, including primary metadata for more than 450,000 articles published by NPG since 1869. In this first release, the datasets include basic citation information (title, author, publication date, etc) as well as NPG specific ontologies.” Read more

True Knowledge Introduces Siri Competitor, Evi

A new article reports that Siri has found its first real competitor in Evi: “Evi, which went live on Monday evening, is not the creation of a Google or a Microsoft. It’s the brainchild of William Tunstall-Pedoe, a British start-up entrepreneur who until a few years back taught computer science at the country’s august Cambridge University. ‘Evi Lives!’, his start-up, True Knowledge, announced on its blog Monday evening, as the app first became available for download for iPhone and Android users. Within hours it had shot to being the top download in the lifestyle category of Apple’s App Store, crashing True Knowledge’s servers.” Read more

Dachis Group Launches Social Performance Monitor

Dachis Group has launched a new app, the Social Performance Monitor. It is the company’s third app built on their big data analytics platform and their first subscription service. Erik Huddleston comments, “Our Social Performance Monitor app correlates social activities to four main brand marketing business outcomes: Brand Awareness, Brand Love, Mindshare, and Advocacy. For each, we track a set of metrics that correlate to the outcome’s value, analyze brand activities and their impact on the engaged audience, and then provide a set of lenses (insights) to help marketers with understanding and attribution.” Read more

Semantics in Customer Service

The Cogito team has been working on applying semantic technologies to customer service operations. The team writes, “We’re proud to announce our work with Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communications groups. Working with technology partner Assist, we’re using our Cogito Answers semantic platform to provide SMS based customer service that is now successfully handling more that 500,000 SMS requests each month. When a user sends an SMS to the system—“how much will I pay for calls to London?”—Cogito Answers interprets and categorizes the request and quickly retrieves the answer from the internal knowledge base.” Read more

eBay’s X.commerce Now Runs on Drupal

A new article reports, “eBay is the latest tech giant to embrace Drupal, the open source content management system that now runs an estimated 2 percent of all websites on the planet. As eBay formally launched its new X.commerce business unit — a sweeping effort to bridge the worlds of online and offline payments — the company revealed it had moved the unit’s website to Drupal, dropping the proprietary Jive Software platform the site previously used. ‘We found that Drupal offers more tools and does so faster,’ Neal Sample, chief technology officer of open commerce at eBay” stated. Read more

TEMIS Releases Luxid 6

TEMIS, a leading provider of text analytics solutions has released a new version of their flagship semantic content enrichment solution, Luxid: “Luxid® 6 is a powerful and robust semantic tagging platform which automatically extracts relevant information (entities, topics, events, sentiments), identifies relationships residing in unstructured data and facilitates links between similar and related documents.” Read more

Jive Software Unleashes Jive 5

Jive Software recently unveiled Jive 5, “the most advanced and powerful Social Business platform in the industry. With this launch, Jive sets a new standard of Social Business excellence, further extending its market leadership. Jive 5 helps organizations harness the power of their most powerful asset, the social network. Businesses are driven by ideas, conversations, expertise, knowledge and connections created in the networks of their employees, customers and partners. Jive 5 captures this knowledge into a collaborative, social platform that transforms the way people work.” Read more