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A Look At LOD2 Project Accomplishments

lod2pixIf you’re interested in Linked Data, no doubt you’re planning to listen in on next week’s Semantic Web Blog webinar, Getting Started With The Linked Data Platform (register here), featuring Arnaud Le Hors, Linked Data Standards Lead at IBM and chair of the W3C Linked Data Platform WG and the OASIS OSLC Core TC. It also may be on your agenda to attend this month’s Semantic Web Technology & Business Conference, where speakers including Le Hors, Manu Sporny, Sandro Hawke, and others will be presenting Linked Data-focused sessions.

In the meantime, though, you might enjoy reviewing the results of the LOD2 Project, the European Commission co-funded effort whose four-year run, begun in 2010, aimed at advancing RDF data management; extracting, creating and enriching structured RDF data; interlinking data from different sources; and authoring, exploring and visualizing Linked Data. To that end, why not take a stroll through the recently released Linked Open Data – Creating Knowledge Out of Interlinked Data, edited by LOD2 Project participants Soren Auer of the Institut für Informatik III Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität; Volha Bryl of the University of Mannheim, and Sebastian Tramp of the University of Leipzig?

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Semantic Web Company and OpenLink Partner to Advance Enterprise Linked Data Integration

Vienna, Austria, May 18, 2013 –(– Semantic Web Company (SWC), developer and vendor of PoolParty Semantic Suite, joins OpenLink Integration Business Partner Program. SWC will make Virtuoso an integral part of its products and services portfolio. This portfolio includes training, implementation, and product development covering Linked Data, Semantic Web, and Big Data projects. Read more “Innovation Spotlight” Interview with Andreas Blumauer, CEO of Semantic Web Company

If you would like your company to be considered for an interview please email editor[ at ]semanticweb[ dot ]com.

In this segment of our “Innovation Spotlight” we spoke with Andreas Blumauer, the CEO of  Semantic Web Company. Semantic Web Company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and their software extracts meaning from big data using linked data technologies. In this interview Andreas describes some of the their core products to us in more detail.

Sean: Hi Andreas. Can you give us a little background on your company? When did you get started in the Semantic Web?

Andreas: As an offspring of a ‘typical’ web agency from the early days of the internet, we became a specialized provider in 2004: The ‘Semantic Web School’ focused on research, consulting and training in the area of the semantic web. We learned quickly how the idea of a ‘semantic web’ was able to trigger a lot of great project visions but also, that most of the tools from the early days of the semantic web were rather scary for enterprises. In 2007 we experienced that information professionals began to search for grown-up semantic web solutions to improve their information infrastructure. We were excited that ‘our’ main topics obviously began to play a role in the development of IT-strategies in many organizations. We refocused on the development of software and renamed our company.

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PPT 3.1.0 Debuts at SemTechBiz SF

PoolParty Thesaurus Manager 3.1.0 was presented at SemTechBiz earlier this month. Andreas Koller of the Semantic Web Company commented, “SemTechBiz 2012 was a great success for us, we had a lot of talks with people from various industries at our booth. Demonstrating how building knowledge models on top of linked data sources can improve text mining for example, attracted wide interest. We enjoyed the whole conference, the location and the support from the organization team.” Read more

PoolParty Publishes Improved Linked Data WordPress Plugin

Andreas Blumauer reports that the PoolParty team has released an improved version of their WordPress plugin which enables linked data enrichments. Blumauer writes, “Users and developers benefit from: automatic annotation of all blog entries displayed as tooltips; a comfortable search facility with auto-complete over all concepts from the linked thesaurus including semantic search over the whole blog; an integrated thesaurus browser; plus a corresponding linked data frontend including RDF/XML serialization of the underlying thesaurus + SPARQL endpoint.” Read more

Introducing SKOSsy

A recent article by Andreas Blumauer introduces SKOSsy, a web service that “generates SKOS based thesauri in German or in English for a domain you are interested in. Not any domain but nearly any: SKOSsy extracts data from DBpedia, so it can cover anything which is in DBpedia. Thus, SKOSsy works well whenever a first seed thesaurus should be generated for a certain organisation or project. If you load the automatically generated thesaurus into an editor like PoolParty Thesaurus Manager (PPT) you can start to enrich the knowledge model by additional concepts, relations and links to other LOD sources. But you don´t have to start in the open countryside with your thesaurus project.” Read more

PoolParty 3.0 Released

A new release of PoolParty has launched and according to one article, the new release boasts “new Linked Data capabilities that further unlock the potential that the Semantic Web can bring to improve your metadata management, to enhance your data with external knowledge and to ease data integration efforts within your organization and with your partners. In PoolParty 3.0 we created a Linked Data interlinking editor, making it easier than ever to add your own lookup and interlinking services (even for non-RDF sources) and made the Linked Data publishing front-end fully customizable in design, layout and regards to which parts of your content will be displayed.” Read more

PoolParty Releases Linked Data Plugin for WordPress

PoolParty, a sponsor of the upcoming SemTechBiz UK conference, has released a free linked data plugin for WordPress. According to PoolParty, “In a recent video Matt Cutts from Google announced that smart internal linking is one of the key strategies for SEO in 2011. So PoolParty Team has released a freely available plugin for WordPress (download plugin) which consumes linked data and offers features for any WordPress driven blog or website making it more understandable and helping to improve interlinking articles. The website will be improved by linking posts with key terms and key terms with other key terms.” Read more

Working with Controlled Vocabularies in a Collaborative Setting

A new article discusses the difficulties of managing controlled vocabularies in a collaborative setting: “The creation and management of controlled vocabularies in companies often takes place in a distributed manner. Different departments in different branch offices often rather create their own vocabularies, than have one large central knowledge model, where everyone contributes. Such a central model is not only much harder to manage, but there is also the general problem that different departments like marketing, quality assurance, R&D, etc. will have divergent views on the model and its concepts. These different perspectives on one and the same concept are hard to unify in a single model.” Read more