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Chemical Semantics Gets $1.1M Grant to Open Up Data for Chemists


Anthony Clark of reports, “A Gainesville startup company received a $1.1 million federal grant to develop a Web portal for chemists to better share information over the next generation of the World Wide Web. Neil Ostlund, CEO of Chemical Semantics, said he learned of the grant from the Department of Energy on Friday. Chemical Semantics is developing a portal and software for computational chemists to publish and find data over the semantic web, also referred to as Web 3.0 or the web of data.”


Clark continues, “Chemical Semantics has created the semantic web vocabulary — or ontology — for computational chemistry called the Gainesville Core. Read more

New Online Academic Publication Resource: GSE Research Online

Publishing Technology and the newly established scholarly publisher GSE Research have launched a new online research hub, GSE Research Online: “GSE Research’s portal is a bold concept to drive interaction and engagement across the academic audience, policy-makers and the corporate world in an interactive professional network supporting governance, sustainability and the environment.” Read more