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10 Top Thoughts For Those Who’d Be Semantic-Wise In The Enterprise

The business side of the Semantic Tech and Business Conference was on display at the closing session today. Panelists shared their own takeaways, pointers, advice, observations and predictions about a number of semantic web issues about bringing semantic technology to the enterprise.

The panelists included  Craig D Hanson, Director, Innovation and Architecture Amdocs.; James Hendler, Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Arnaud Le Hors, software standards architect at IBM; Dave McComb, President, Semantic Arts Inc; Marie Wallace
Social Analytics Strategist, IBM; Joe Devon, web developer and consultant; Christine Connors, Principal TriviumRLG LLC; and David Booth, an independent contractor and senior software architect at PanGenX.

Here’s an overview of what they had to say to – and for — the enterprise community:

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ABC News Vet Paul Mason Steps Up as CEO of Link TV

ABC News veteran Paul Mason has joined Link TV as the company’s new president and CEO. In a recent video, Mason “shares an astute observation about the current state of network and cable TV news. He suggests that while these twin mediums are great at reporting the initial details of major news events like the Japanese earthquake and the Arab spring, there is a real lack of proper, follow-up reporting once things die down.” See the video here. Read more