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Election 2012: The Semantic Recap

There’s no such thing as too much post-election coverage, is there? Alright, maybe there is. But we couldn’t let things die down without at least a nod to those in our space that have delivered the semantic industry’s own take on the topic.

Here are a few you may want to review:

Twitris Election Insights:

“The Twitris system had an amazing night–while Nate Silver’s model might have received well deserved attention, Twitris gave better indications and insights and large majority of the polls,” wrote Dr. Amit Sheth, Kno.e.sis Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing director and LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar, in an email to us. The semantic social web application (first covered here) is a project of Kno.e.sis at Wright State University.

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Atigeo Gives Voters Insight into Presidential Election

Atigeo has announced the launch of and, “a free online analytical tool that empowers voter research of President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney’s positions on all issues. With applies Atigeo’s xPatterns contextual semantic search platform to the candidates’ most prominent social media feeds to reveal deep insight about the candidates’ positions on a wide range of issues that matter most to the electorate.” Read more

Using Semantic Analysis to Predict the President

Karen Hanna recently posed the question, can Twitter predict the President? She explained, “Some data analysts are looking at political sentiment in social media data to make predictions around the presidential campaigns. Attensity looked at 800,000 Tweets from February 25 through March 2 and measured ‘positive sentiment and share of voice for each candidate.’ Attensity determined that Romney would win seven states, Gingrich would win Georgia, Paul would win Alaska, and Santorum would take Vermont. Attensity was asked by USA Today to analyze Twitter data to predict how voting would go on Super Tuesday. Attensity is a social analytics company based in Palo Alto. Like other social media analytics companies, it is interested in how text analysis techniques might be applied to data collected from social media to enhance market research capabilities.” Read more