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GoodRelations Fully Integrated with and GoodRelations has announced that GoodRelations is now fully integrated into the markup vocabulary backed by Google, Yahoo!, Bing/Microsoft, and Yandex (read our past coverage). GoodRelations is the e-commerce vocabulary that has been developed and maintained by Martin Hepp since 2002 (previous coverage).

In the official announcement, R.V. Guha (Google) says, “Effective immediately, the GoodRelations vocabulary ( is directly available from within the site for use with both HTML5 Microdata and RDFa. Webmasters of e-commerce sites can use all GoodRelations types and properties directly from the namespace to expose more granular information for search engines and other clients, including delivery charges, quantity discounts, and product features.”

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FindTheBest Launches Smart Badges for the Best Reviewed Products and Services

FindTheBest has launched its Smart Badges program “that will highlight the top Smart Rated products and services from among a growing number of comparisons. FindTheBest’s Smart Rating allows users to view a single rating that reflects a weighted compilation of scores from the most trusted, expert sources.  A top Smart Rating signifies that reviews from experts have been strong across the board.  From these Smart Ratings, FindTheBest has identified the top products and services. Any product or service that has made the cut may claim their badge directly from their listing on” Read more