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DARPA Launches Program to Develop Advanced Search Tech


Liat Clark of Wired UK reports, “The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has launched a programme aimed at developing the next generation of task-orientated search engines that will help index and organise ‘mission-critical publically available information’ on the web and deep web. The first domain it wants to target with this new technology, it says, is human trafficking. ‘We’re envisioning a new paradigm for search that would tailor indexed content, search results and interface tools to individual users and specific subject areas, and not the other way around,’ commented Darpa programme manager Chris White in a release. ‘By inventing better methods for interacting with and sharing information, we want to improve search for everybody and individualise access to information. Ease of use for non-programmers is essential.’ ” Read more

DARPA’s DEFT Program Utilizes AI & Natural Language Processing

Michael Cooney reports that next month the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is set to detail “the union of advanced technologies from artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, machine learning, natural-language fields it hopes to bring together to build an automated system that will let analysts and others better grasp meanings from large volumes of text documents.”

DARPA stated, “Automated, deep natural-language understanding technology may hold a solution for more efficiently processing text information. Read more

SemTechBiz DC Announces Full Conference Schedule

Along with our partners at, we’ve released the complete conference schedule for the upcoming SemTechBiz DC Conference. The conference — which will take place from November 29 through December 1, 2011 in Washington, DC — is set to feature the latest innovations in Semantic Web and linked data technologies. With sessions ranging from introductory discussions to advanced technical lectures, speakers from around the country will offer business cases, product demonstrations, and insights relating to the hottest trends and greatest advances of the Semantic Web. Read more

Highly Anticipated Case Studies at SemTech 2011

The upcoming Semantic Technology Conference this June in San Francisco will feature a number of case studies that highlight real-world semantic technology applications. Here are just a few (Click session titles to view details):

Dynamic Semantic Publishing at the BBC

Details on how the BBC sport site currently uses embedded Linked Data identifiers, ontologies and associated inference plus RDF semantics to improve navigation, content re-use, re-purposing, and search engine rankings.

Enabling Business Users to Define Rules and Configure the Semantic Enterprise at Amdocs

How a team of developers using semantic technology and an expressive business language made a significant breakthrough to help business users create, extend and alter high level business concepts and create natural language rules. We recently had a webcast with Craig Hanson from Amdocs, the speaker on this session. Read more