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Ontology Systems Helps Companies In Search of Data Agility

The Semantic Web Blog earlier this month covered the news that Ontology Systems is updating its Ontology semantic search platform to Version 4.0, which was previewed last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Following that, we had an opportunity to catch up with CTO and co-founder Leo Zancani to learn more about the upcoming version of the platform that features new search capabilities under the Project Rothko code name banner, as well as the just-released Version 3.7, and how the telco and financial sectors its technology is focused on can leverage it.

The company’s Ontology platform connects its Ontology Intelligence 360 and Ontology Integrity Manager solutions. The former builds dependency models of business entities by looking at data in existing enterprise systems, and the latter is a data integrity solution that measures and monitors in an ongoing way the data alignment among various different systems that talk about the same thing. Those two products, Zancani explains, “depend on quite finely modeled data, so there are quite strict semantic models inside them. Data that is taken from existing systems populates those strict models, and customers are interested in then using the data in those models to drive business processes,” he says. Due in Version 4.0 that should debut in April, “Rothko adds the capability on the side that says, that’s great, but there also is value in the data you don’t want to or need to or can’t afford to model right now, and you can access that with a much more direct search capability.”

What’s the call for this two-tiered search approach in the verticals Ontology Systems is focused on? Take the telco sector, where the company founders have a long history. The industry, says Zancani, is in crisis now, as vendors like Apple and Google eat its lunch, and as the fallout from major consolidation among telco players makes traditional data integration economically untenable.

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Ontology Systems Prepares to Launch Project Rothko

According to a new release, “Ontology Systems, the semantic search company for structured enterprise application data, is set to lift the covers on a forthcoming major release of the Ontology semantic search platform.  Visitors to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week will get a sneak preview of Project Rothko to see how businesses will be able to search and centralise applications, databases, files, spread sheets and ad-hoc data from anywhere across the enterprise; without the cost and risk of integration. ‘The term ‘paradigm shift’ may be well worn, but it’s completely on the mark for our ground breaking technology.’ said Benedict Enweani, CEO and founder of Ontology Systems.” Read more