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Quora Launches New Machine Learning Contest

Jordan Novet of GigaOM reports, “There’s a lot of question-and-answer websites for internet users to check out — from technically oriented options like Stack Overflow to very broad platforms like Yahoo Answers. Quora wants to stand apart, not necessarily by attracting the most people to it, but by being smart about what it surfaces. So the company is hosting a machine-learning contest next week for developers to take real production data from Quora and cook up new models that could help improve Quora’s service. The upcoming eight-hour online event is being run on HackerRank, a site for coding contests.” Read more

Beepl Raises $400K in Seed Funding

According to a new article out of TechCruch, “Beepl, a startup that bills itself as an expertise platform and semantic technology company (with a straight face, no less!), has raised seed funding from Prague-based VC firm Credo Ventures. Beepl was co founded by chief executive Steve O’Hear, who just left TechCrunch to get a taste of tech startup life, and even he wouldn’t tell us how much they’ve raised other than to say it was a ‘six figure amount.’ He should have known better, because we’ve learned from sources that the capital raised amounts to approximately $400,000 (sorry, Steve!).” Read more

Defining the Semantic Web in a Few Sentences

A Quora user posed this challenge to the network: “How do you explain semantic web to a nine-year old child in one sentence?” The challenge was followed by a quote from Albert Einstein: “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Some of the best responses so far include, “A web where computers better understand the real meaning of the words we use to communicate with them.” “Hi Timmy, the web is like one giant big book written by a lot of people. And the semantic web is another book describing how the first book should be read.” And, “Semantic web is like the magic mirror in Shrek – you ask it, ‘Can I go to a pool?’ and it tells you, ‘Yes, you can, because the weather is good and the pool you like to go to is open.’”

We at Semantic Web recently offered up a challenge of our own: give us your best elevator pitch answering the question, “What is the Semantic Web?” We’ve received some great pitches so far (listed below) and we’re still accepting new pitches.

Sandro Hawke, W3C – for a general audience

David Wood, Talis – for journalistic research

Mark Montgomery, Kyield – for enterprise decision makers

Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister (not an official pitch) – for government and citizenry

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ ricardodiaz11