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5 Ways to Add Machine Learning Java

javaSerdar Yegulalp of InfoWorld recently wrote, “After spending decades in the shadows as a specialty discipline, machine learning is suddenly front and center as a business tool. The hard part, though, is making it useful, especially to the developers and budding data scientists who are being tasked with the job. To that end, we rounded up some of the most common and useful open source machine learning tools we’ve spotted in the wild.” Read more

Big Data Trends Impacting Business

Bob Zurek of Smart Data Collective recently shared seven trends that are impacting business. One trend is added data mining and analytic functions: “Industry leaders in the big data space understand the requirements to expand the underlying analytics and statistical capabilities in their platform. This goes beyond typical analytic functions into the world of very sophisticated data mining functionality. Teradata Aster Data includes a wide variety of analytic capabilities including support for statistical, text analytics, graph, sentiment analysis and in-database PMML execution through the support of Zementis. Other companies including IBM Netezza have embedded support for the popular R statistical language as well as Matrix engine, a parallelized linear algebra package. Over time, we will see a significant expansion of these capabilities across a broad range of big data solutions. ” Read more