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Top Tech Companies Setting Their Sights on True Artificial Intelligence


Brandon Bailey of San Jose Mercury News reports, “The latest Silicon Valley arms race is a contest to build the best artificial brains. Facebook, Google and other leading tech companies are jockeying to hire top scientists in the field of artificial intelligence, while spending heavily on a quest to make computers think more like people. They’re not building humanoid robots — not yet, anyway. But a number of tech giants and startups are trying to build computer systems that understand what you want, perhaps before you knew you wanted it. ‘It’s important to position yourself in this market for the next decade,’ said Yann LeCunn, a leading New York University researcher hired to run Facebook’s new A.I. division in December. ‘A lot is riding on artificial intelligence and content analysis, and on being smarter about how people and computers interact’.” Read more

Google to Win the Semantic Search Race?

David Amerland of Imassera recently shared his opinion on why he thinks Google will win the semantic search race. He writes, “Google was a latecomer to search. When you’re the new kid on the block the paths that’ll lead you to the top of the hill are strictly limited: innovate or be the best. Innovation is the obvious one, of course, because it creates buzz, sets you out from the rest at first sight and draws the attention of the Press and those who can give you publicity. Being the best is harder. Read more