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Graph Database Adoption on the Rise

Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology recently wrote an article highlighting the recent rise in graph database adoption. He writes, “Graph databases are the most scalable, high performance way to query and store highly interconnected data. They help improve intelligence, predictive analytics, social network analysis, decision and process management – which all involve highly connected data with lots of relationships. A relevant use case for graph databases is the social graph. The social graph leverages information across a range of networks to understand the relationships between individuals. Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon are all examples of companies that derived tremendous value from leveraging social and professional graphs and providing a deeper analysis of the data they collect every day. The biggest challenge that companies face is the ability to handle the exponential growth and massive connected data challenges associated with the social graph.” Read more here. Read more

Recap of the W3C RDF F2F Meeting (and Other Acronyms)

The W3C’s Semantic Web Activity Lead, Ivan Herman, has provided a recap of the second RDF Face-to-Face (F2F) meeting: “Most of the two days’ meeting concentrated on ‘graph identification’, i.e., what is commonly called ‘named graphs’ by the community. This discussion at the F2F was the outcome of a long series of discussion on the group’s mailing list, started, essentially, right when the group began its work. There are many issues surrounding this loose notion of named graphs, including terminology, semantics, syntax; although the F2F meeting has not solved all the problems, significant advances were achieved.” Read more