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Sentiment Mining for Real Time Insights on Twitter


syKalev Leetaru of Wired recently wrote, “For its flagship new reality show Opposite Worlds the Syfy channel wanted to let the audience ‘remote control’ the show via social media. I worked with Syfy to create what ultimately became its real-time ‘Twitter Popularity Index.’ The Index combines the intensity of conversation around each character, the number of unique discussants, and the emotion of that discussion using a new sentiment engine powered by over 1.6 million words, phrases and common misspellings and colloquial expressions. Using our Index, Opposite Worlds records across the board in Twitter engagement for a cable television series.” Read more

Twelvefold Introduces Spectrum for Video: Real-Time URL-Level Video Ad Placements Across All Screens


San Francisco, Calif. (March 6, 2014) – Twelvefold, a big data company that targets audiences in real time without the use of cookies, today announced Spectrum for Video. Spectrum for Video delivers the most relevant video ad placements based on the influence, authority and emotional connection a piece of content creates with its reader. With more than 700 million individual videos from more than 5,000 sources, Twelvefold has culled and indexed the best of the web, including a mix of spot lengths. Read more

Translating Speech in Real Time at AT&T

Brian Steiner of Popular Mechanics reports, “AT&T Translator, a service on the company’s teleconference system that translates speech between languages in real time, is currently in pilot testing by some of the company’s biggest business customers. PopMech caught up with Mazin Gilbert, assistant vice president for technical research at AT&T Labs–Research, to learn about the challenges of teaching machines to understand human speech.”

Gilbert told Steiner, “Language is one of the largest barriers to communication globally. Read more

WikiSeer Tackles Semantic Summaries

A new article out of WikiSeer reports that “the Santa Clara based start-up pioneering real-time semantic summarization, today announced that it has successfully tested, training and completed its 1.0 platform update using more than 3.5 million English-based articles available on the portal as well as from thousands of additional websites. In real-time WikiSeer captures the essence and core principles from any text document by extracting the five most instructive and informative sentences from a page, link or article. In the course of using Wikipedia there were thousands of articles (topics) whereby the platform would cull through tens of pages and paragraphs to arrive at the five most important sentences (user definable up to 10) with better than 85% accuracy based on user testing and feedback.” Read more

Skimlinks Launches SkimWords 2.0

Skimlinks has released the latest version of its in-text monetization solution: “SkimWords 2.0 is the first real-time, fully automated content monetization solution to feature in-text product and price comparison across multiple verticals – including consumer electronics, fashion, beauty, mothering, automotive, and lifestyle categories.  With SkimWords 2.0, publishers earn incremental revenues, consumers are directed to the optimal retail site to make their purchases, and advertisers receive highly qualified traffic.” Read more

Start-Up LiveFyre Makes Blogs More Interactive

Semantic start-up LiveFyre is working to make comments real-time and more interactive: “Comments, Jordan Kretchmer believes, missed the transition to the social web. ‘I looked at the space of how conversations were happening online,’ Kretchmer says, and I saw that the social web had taken interactions between people to a new level, where interactions on publishers hadn’t changed.’ LiveFyre, the company he founded, hopes to help comments catch up. It launched in 2009 with a freemium product that makes comments real-time and integrated with social media. More than 15,000 sites now use it for comments. Some are small blogs that use the product free. Others are large publications like The Sun that pay based on their size.” Read more

Charlene Yi Gives Her Take on Real-Time Updates and Social Search

In a recent interview, Charlene Yi, founder of the Altimeter Group gave her insights on the problems and possibilities created by social search and real-time updates. In the interview Yi states, “I think search is moving into this very interesting stage where it’s a combination of semantic web, the social web, and context. That combination will lead to a much more relevant experience.”

When asked about the challenges that social networking pose for search, Yi responded, “Indexing is extremely difficult when you have information coming in and people responding back and forth to the information… The second thing is understanding the meaning behind the information… When things are coming in real-time, how do you determine whether content is important or relevant to a particular search query?”

Yi also commented on questions of privacy:  “As we become more public in the things that we talk about, we actually become more private… I think people increasingly realize that what you say and do on Facebook is not private.”

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Intersection Consulting