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The Delectable, Semantic Future of Whisk

Over here at, we’re big fans of what co-founder Nick Holzherr and his team are doing at Whisk, a UK-based startup that allows users to create a complete online grocery shopping list built out of their chosen recipes. Nick gave his second keynote address in front of a SemTechBiz audience this morning–the first came at SemTechBiz UK in London last year. If you haven’t had a chance to read our past coverage of Whisk, here’s a quick overview of what the innovative startup offers today:

Whisk is using natural language processing (NLP) and other semantic solutions to bring together online recipe content with online grocery retailers. Currently only available in the United Kingdom, users can turn to Whisk’s phone app or browser widget to pull together recipes that they want to attempt that week. The Whisk platform then analyzes the recipes to create shopping lists of all the ingredients that the user will need in order to complete the recipes. The system has the sense to figure out appropriate quantities of each ingredient and eliminate staples like salt and sugar that the user probably already has at home. (Users can re-add these items to the list if they don’t, in fact, have these ingredients in their pantries.) The user then has the option to take that list to their local grocery store or, even better, purchase the groceries automatically from an online grocery retailer. Read more

TheDailyMeal Chooses Edamam to Power Nutritional Info

Edamam, a semantic company on a mission to help people eat better, recently announced “it will be powering the nutritional information for all the recipes on, the fastest-growing culinary site of all time. Edamam will use its advanced semantic technology to analyze and provide a full nutritional profile, as well as health and diet labels for each recipe to The Daily Meal readers. ‘As one of the premium online destinations for quality information surrounding all things food and drink, The Daily Meal needed a way to organize and incorporate nutritional labeling for an ever growing database of recipes,’ said Victor Penev of Edamam. ‘Our semantic technology helped solve the problem’.” Read more