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Smart Recipe Platform Yummly Brings Contextual Recommendations to iOS Apps

YummlyREDWOOD CITY, CA–(Marketwired – Oct 28, 2014) – Yummly (, the leading innovator in recipe search & discovery, announced today, the introduction of contextual recommendations on the iPhone and iPad apps. When users open the app, in addition to personalizing the content to a user’s tastes, Yummly will now tailor to a person’s time, place and patterns.

Yummly’s proprietary Food Genome and patent-pending Food Intelligence technology already blends together to create an unmatched user experience with data-driven features such as personalized recommendations, semantic search, and a smart shopping list. With the new contextual recommendations functionality, it is bringing together more relevant and dynamic content to the users by leveraging a combination of contextual signals such as time of day, day of week, season, location, trends and more. Read more

Yummly Partners with Growing Search Engine, DuckDuckGo


Amy Gesenhues of Search Engine Land reports, “Yummly announced today it will be powering the results for recipe searches performed on DuckDuckGo, the search engine built on protecting the privacy of its users. ‘Yummly’s technology understands recipe search queries and we’ve worked together to create a great recipe instant answers experience,’ said DuckDuckGo founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg. According to the announcement, DuckDuckGo is now one of over 4,000 developers and companies currently leveraging Yummly.” Read more

Smart Recipe Platform Yummly Delivers Beautiful & Powerful New iPad App


REDWOOD CITY, CA — (Marketwired) — 03/13/14 — People can now search, swipe and tap on the iPad to find delicious dishes from the kitchen or the couch — all personalized to their taste. Yummly, (, the leading digital kitchen platform, today announced that its popular free recipe app is now available for the iPad.

The Yummly iPad app has the best features from the acclaimed iPhone app, but with a beautiful user interface that is built from the ground up for the larger real estate of the iPad, including:

  • A recipe recommendation feed based on each users’ personal tastes
  • True semantic recipe search and filtering by ingredient, time, diet, allergy, taste, occasion, holiday, cuisine, technique, course, source and more Read more

Edamam Launches Vegan, Vegetarian Apps


New York, NY (PRWEB) February 10, 2014– Edamam, a company on a mission to help people eat better and live healthier and happier lives, announced today the launch of new Vegan and Vegetarian Recipe and Nutrition apps for iOS and Android devices. The company is also unveiling a much demanded improvement for its top rated Recipe Search with diet and health filters for all major allergies, such as gluten, soy, tree nuts and shell fish.


Edamam uses semantic technology to organize and structure food and nutrition data. It has analyzed over 1.5 million recipes from the top food sites in the English web and allows people to search through them based on their calorie, diet or health needs. Read more

Edamam Unveils One of a Kind Nutrition Wizard


New York, NY (PRWEB) January 31, 2014–Edamam announced today a partnership with Random House to power the nutrition for recipes on TasteBook. Edamam is a semantic technology company on a mission to organize and structure the world’s food knowledge. The company has built an engine to provide real-time nutrition analysis for any recipe or ingredient list, leveraging natural language processing. It offers this unique functionality both to consumers and businesses such as TasteBook, the Random House online community where cooks can organize their culinary lives, discover and share recipes, while connecting with friends. Read more

Save Recipes from Across the Web in One Place

A new release out of Edamam reports that now, “Users of Edamam’s website can, not only find a recipe quickly, but save it with one click and use it later for shopping or cooking. ‘The number one request from our users was to be able to save recipes in a virtual recipe box. We focused our efforts on delivering this functionality,’ said Victor Penev, Edamam’s CEO. Edamam plans to release the functionality for its mobile apps within a month and allow instantaneous sync across devices. ‘A user would be able to save a recipe on her desktop, shop for it on her mobile phone and cook it, using her tablet. We aim to make the whole process of finding, shopping for groceries and cooking as easy and intuitive as possible,’ added Victor Penev.” Read more

Yummly Opens Up Its Recipe API to Developers

Kevin Fitchard of GigaOM reports, “Yummly is releasing its semantic food search technology into the wild, announcing on Wednesday that it is selling developers access to its database of more than 1 million web-sourced recipes as well as the technology it uses to parse them. The launch is timely, considering Punchfork is shutting down its API at the end of the month after it was bought by Pinterest. Several sites and apps tap Punchfork’s recipe content and search capabilities – for instance, Punchfork powered Evernote Food’s Explore Recipes feature – so it will soon be looking for an alternative.” Read more

Edamam Food Knowledge Site Takes To The iPad, Improves Desktop Experience

Edamam, which has built a food ontology for its food knowledge site (which The Semantic Web Blog initially covered here), is adding an iPad version of its app to its existing iPhone and Android versions. The company also did a full relaunch of its web site to optimize the experience for desktop users, as well, with improved browsing and search.

Originally, the web site app mirrored the mobile versions. But, says co-founder and CEO Victor Penev, “We realized that people wanted to be able to access recipes and search on the desktop, and they should have a holistic experience from anywhere.” While the company had been more focused on the mobile arena, Penev says building traffic for the website is going to be a priority too. Among the capabilities users should see in the near future are functions like one that will let people save recipes on their iPhone or Android mobile devices and then access them on their iPads or desktops, or vice verse.

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Yummly Redesigns Website, Upgrades “Yum” Button

Yummly has announced “the launch of their redesigned website for their over 7.5 million unique visitors. Announced in conjunction with Yummly’s new revolutionary native advertising platform, Yummly Advertising, the new Yummly unveils a fresh design that delivers an easy, beautiful and innovative experience for the more than 183M cooking enthusiasts in America today… Yummly’s New Take on Cooking Launched in April of 2010 by cofounders David Feller and Vadim Geshel, Yummly’s food and recipe platform understands recipes from across the Internet and match them with its users’ tastes. Designed with simplicity and usability in mind, the new Yummly redesign mixes a scoop of high tech and a healthy dash of user feedback to provide a vastly improved user experience. The company will also be rolling out additional features and enhancements to the site over the next few weeks.”

Included in this update, Yummly has improved the site’s social integration: “As part of their individual settings, users can utilize the pervasive Yum button to share their discoveries and favorite recipes on Facebook. Simply ‘Yum’ a recipe and that endorsement will seamlessly appear as an update on the user’s Facebook Timeline and Newsfeed through Facebook Open Graph.” In addition, “Yummly Advertising’s native online advertising platform features integrated, contextual and useful ad placement within recipe search results, providing the Yummly cooking community with comprehensive brand suggestions.”

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Image: Courtesy Yummly

Feastie Takes a Different Approach to Recipe Search

Feastie, the latest in a long line of recipe search engines has decided to turn away from semantic recipe search in favor of a keyword searchable index of over 1,000 food blogs. The company states, “The image-driven Feastie search engine allows users to explore and discover thousands of recipes from the original food blog photography… Unlike other search engines, the database at Feastie is updated constantly, adding hundreds of new recipes to the index daily, ensuring that users will find something new every time they search. The blogs range from gourmet cuisine and pastry to family-friendly meal planning or shoestring budget cooking. Users can follow their favorite blogs in their profile to be sure they never miss a recipe from their favorite blogger.” Read more