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Semantic Technology Jobs: Microsoft


Microsoft is looking for a Senior Natural Language Processing Scientist in Redmond, WA. The post states, “Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) is one of the most interesting and best-known applications of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. The Microsoft Translator team is a very strong technical team that builds and runs the one of the largest automatic translation services on the Web, and is now expanding into speech translation with the Skype Translator app. We are looking for an experienced Research Scientist to join our team in working towards human quality text and speech translations. We are a small and dedicated group, focused on delivering the best quality translations for our users and internal and external partners. Entrepreneurship, passion, and self-drive are important qualities for the candidate to succeed in the team.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Microsoft

Microsoft is looking for a Software Development Engineer to join their SQL Server Engine Team in Redmond, WA. According to the post, “Extracting semantics and other forms of data inference at enterprise and web scale and making it easily searchable is really where the game is at today. Microsoft is locking horns with the competition and making big bets to win this challenge. We are building a new Database Search and Semantics data extraction and machine learning team inside of SQL Server (a $3.5 bil. business) with the larger vision of creating a new niche for SQL Server ‘beyond relational’ and extending out to Data Warehousing, in order to add more value to our enterprise product offerings.” Read more