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Introducing Version 1.92

schema dot org logoThe official blog of yesterday announced the release of version 1.92 of The post, by Dan Brickley, states, “With this update we ‘soft launch’ a substantial collection of improvements that will form the basis for a version 2.0 release in early 2015. There remain a number of site-wide improvements, bugfixes and clarifications that we’d like to make before we feel ready to use the name ‘v2.0’. However the core vocabulary improvements are stable and available for use from today. As usual see the release notes page for details.” Read more

Best Buy Releases ‘Like for Like’ Metis API

Best Buy has now released its previously announced “Like for Like” Metis API: “BBY Open and the Metis project team are excited to announce the release of our semantically-driven ‘Like for Like’ endpoint, available now for public consumption. Like for like functionality is defined as: “for any given game, software, or hardgood SKU, display the products most like it, ordered by the number of product attributes that match’.” Read more

Cambridge Semantics Announces Release of Anzo Express

Cambridge Semantics, a Silver Sponsor at the upcoming SemTechBiz NYC, recently announced, “the company has completed a successful early access program for Anzo Express. Anzo Express links together information from multiple Excel documents in real-time, enabling faster and more accurate collaboration, reporting, and analysis on Excel data. To get your free version visit our web site” Read more

Stardog 1.0 Released

Kendall Clark of Clark & Parsia has announced the release of Stardog 1.0. Clark opines that this release is “the fastest, smartest, and easiest to use RDF database on the planet. Stardog fills a hole in the Semantic Technology (and NoSQL database) market for an RDF database that is fast, zero config, lightweight, and feature-rich. RDF and OWL are excellent technologies for building data integration and analysis apps. Those apps invariably require complex query processing, i.e., queries where there are lots of joins, complex logical conditions to evaluate, etc. Stardog is targeted at query performance for complex SPARQL queries. We publish performance data so you can see how we’re doing.” Read more

Webnodes Launches New Version of CMS with Support

Webnodes AS has announced version 3.7 of their content management system with support. According to the article, “With this release, Webnodes is the world’s first CMS with fully integrated and dynamic support. This means that all content classes and properties in Webnodes can be mapped to corresponding types and properties in dynamically.” Read more

Janya Releases Semantex 5.0

Janya, an innovator in the field of natural language processing and unstructured data mining recently announced “the release of Semantex™ 5.0, the latest and most powerful version of its robust, scalable, and versatile semantic analysis platform yet. Key new features include improved language support, broader support for office document formats, new output formats, optimized pre-configured levels of processing, and highly scalable service oriented architecture support for Big Data deployments.” Read more

Jive Software Unleashes Jive 5

Jive Software recently unveiled Jive 5, “the most advanced and powerful Social Business platform in the industry. With this launch, Jive sets a new standard of Social Business excellence, further extending its market leadership. Jive 5 helps organizations harness the power of their most powerful asset, the social network. Businesses are driven by ideas, conversations, expertise, knowledge and connections created in the networks of their employees, customers and partners. Jive 5 captures this knowledge into a collaborative, social platform that transforms the way people work.” Read more