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Semantic Web Jobs: Mayo Clinic


The Mayo Clinic is looking for a Senior Ontologist in Rochester, MN. The post states that this position will “Provide leadership in the development, management and implementation of the Mayo Consumer Vocabulary to support navigation systems, search mechanisms, search engine optimization and personalized delivery of health information and services for Mayo Clinic Global Products and Services. Works collaboratively in cross functional teams to assess ontology needs to support product development across the department. Evaluates content domains, conducts content audits and analysis to inform the ongoing development of the Mayo Consumer Vocabulary. Supervises and directs ontology specialists and manages projects requiring substantial intra-organizational coordination.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Xerox

Xerox is looking for a Cloud, Social & Web Computing Researcher in Rochester, NY. The post states, “Our lab builds and studies forms of “social software”, including technologies that help people collaborate and share knowledge. Fundamental areas of research interest include but not limited to game theory analysis, user-generated content, social networks, web mining, and collaborative work flows. Applicants must have a strong background in social software design and analysis, and deep expertise in one or more relevant mechanism design areas, including, but not limited to, auction marketplaces, recommendation systems, user-generated content-management systems (such as blogs or wikis), trust algorithms, network science, Web UIs, online collaborative systems, Semantic Web, virtual worlds, and workflow languages/tools.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: University of Jena & Tanson

A PhD position is open at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Jena in Germany. According to the post, “The work will focus on the integrated management of heterogeneous user related information derived from different (personal) devices with the help of a portal. The research group has broad experience within the area of Web Portal technology, semantic description of resources and context-adaptability. The PhD research will be performed under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Birgitta König-Ries and Prof. Dr. Martin Welsch in cooperation with the IBM Germany Research & Development Laboratories at Böblingen, Germany. The aim of the project is to perform research and develop prototypes that use Web Portals to provide an integrated, user centric management of heterogeneous devices and the event and data oriented information they can provide and the services they can offer. Read more