Posts Tagged ‘savings’ How the NHS Could Save Millions of Dollars

Carl Reynolds of the Open Knowledge Foundation reports, “Last week saw the launch of (covered in the Economist and elsewhere). At present it’s ‘just’ a nice data visualisation of some interesting open data that show the NHS could potentially save millions from its drug budget. I say ‘just’ because we’re in discussions with several NHS organizations about providing a richer, tailored, prescribing analytics service to support the best use of NHS drug budgets. Working on the project was a lot of fun, and to my mind the work nicely shows the spectacular value of open data when combined with people and internet.” Read more

Shell Hopes to Save 100s of Millions with Semantic Search

Bill Goodwin of Computer Weekly writes that Shell plans to save hundreds of millions of dollars with semantic search. He reports, “Energy group Royal Dutch Shell aims to cut the training time for young engineers by rolling out technology to automatically identify and deliver the information they need, from databases, blogs and social media. The project, which is expected to save the energy company hundreds of millions of pounds a year in training costs, aims to cut the time taken for a young engineer to become fully up to speed from nine to eight years. ‘Our engineers have to deal with 400 different technical standards. We need to get the up to speed so they know where to find the information,’ said Andy Boyd, project and knowledge management lead.” Read more