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Where Enterprise Search Was, And Where It Is


Photo Courtesy Flickr/katieb50

Interested in discovering what’s happened to some of the enterprise search vendors that have piqued your interest in the past? You may want to head here, where enterprise search industry expert and author of the Enterprise Search Report Stephen E. Arnold of ArnoldIT is posting a series of profiles of firms that have tried and failed – or in some cases, still are trying to – make a business in enterprise search.

It’s not easy, Arnold writes: “Search is a very difficult problem to solve and turn into a sustainable business.”

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SmartLogic Acquires SchemaLogic

Semantic technology firm SmartLogic has acquired SchemaLogic. With the acquisition, SmartLogic has added “multiple new Fortune 1000 enterprise clients to its customer list and adding SchemaLogic’s family of products to its application portfolio.” The article states, “As information volumes and interest in semantic technology grows, so does the content intelligence market. Today, however, the market contracted slightly with SmartLogic’s acquisition of competitor SchemaLogic. Both companies provide tools that complement enterprise search, content management and business intelligence solutions by tagging, enhancing metadata and classifying content so organizations can better find, organize, process and control their information assets.” Read more