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Bringing Speed & Precision to Search with Semantics

Google Hummingbird

Dave Lloyd of recently wrote, “People are becoming more sophisticated in their searching, using longer queries, more precise terms, and more contextual info in their queries. Clearly, there’s exponentially more content on the Web than there was even five years ago, and this means the needle-in-a-haystack science of algorithms must become more sophisticated in finding the most effective answers for queries. The expanding use of mobile and voice technologies are also changing how we search. We’ve arrived at a place where literal matching by itself isn’t good enough. In response, we’re moving toward a new normal: semantic search. It’s an idea that’s been in the works for a long time and was described by the Web’s creator Tim Berners-Lee in 2001 but is only recently going live in a way that affects regular users. Read more

The Promise of Natural Language Processing


Nathan Safran of Search Engine World recently wrote, “The early days of search required that users query a search engine in query -> database format. That is, to extricate relevant results, the user must phrase the query in such a way that the machine can understand the request, query the database, and return results. Along the way many have claimed to solve this machine language problem, promising users can use natural language processing – the normal everyday language humans use as opposed to the ‘query a database’ language search has traditionally required (remember Ask Jeeves?).” Read more

Vertical Search Works Unveils FeaturePlay, New Content Discovery Platform


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Top search technology company Vertical Search Works (VSW) today announced the launch of FeaturePlay, a brand new content discovery platform powered by VSW’s proprietary semantic search technology, which recommends articles, photos, and videos related to users’ interests. The FeaturePlay widget embeds into a publisher’s website and uses semantic technology to showcase the most relevant content, saving visitors from having to explicitly search for it. Whether users’ interests lay in pop culture, sports, travel, food, health, or interior design, FeaturePlay helps to establish greater value for consumers, which results in more revenue for publishers. Read more

The Future of Search: Semantics & More

Harsha Rao and Deepali Jain of KMWorld recently wrote, “The future of search is to not search at all. This may sound contrarian, but we are on the threshold of search technology that will eliminate the need to explicitly ask for information. Search has come a long way from its initial focus on relevance, to incorporating a social perspective, to heading towards a future of personalization where the Internet will be essentially customized to each user… In 1994, Yahoo! attempted to organize the Internet by creating the first online directory of websites. As the Internet grew, searching for relevant information became a nightmare. In 1998, Larry Page, co-founder of Google, had an idea that revolutionized search on the Internet. Drawing inspiration from citations in academic journals he developed the PageRank algorithm to rank search results by using links on millions of websites to measure the relevance of web pages.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: is looking for a Research Assistant, Search Technology in Oakland, CA. The post states, “We’re looking for a creative individual with a background in knowledge engineering, linguistics and/or language research/analysis to join our dynamic Classification and Language Technologies team in Oakland, CA. This position offers a unique window on the intentions and needs of millions of users. The new is focused on the syntactic and semantic understanding of user questions in order to find the best answers.” Read more