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Analysis of Brand-Related Knowledge Graph Search

Depiction of entities connected in the Google Knowledge GraphIn a recent post on the blog, Dr. Peter J. Myers wrote about an apparent change that took place on the morning of July 19th that appears to be related to how Google processes Knowledge Graph entities. “My gut feeling is that Google has bumped up the volume on the Knowledge Graph, letting KG entries appear more frequently,” Myers posted.

The morning of July 19th was specifically identified because, Myers explained, “Overnight, the number of queries we track in the MozCast 10K beta system that show some kind of Knowledge Graph jumped from 17.8% to 26.7%, an increase of over 50%. This was not a test or a one-day fluke — here’s a graph for all of July 2013 (as of August 20th, the number has remained stable near 27%).

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Panel: Semantic Advertising Roundtable – SemTech 2009 Video

Scott Brinker, ion interactive, inc.

Brooke Aker, Expert System USA
Amiad Solomon, Peer39
Amit Kumar, Dapper
Greg Stuart,

This moderated panel discusses "semantic advertising" in the market today, with representatives from:

* An ad network using semantic technology (Peer39)
* a company using semantic technology to dynamically generate advertising content (Dapper)
* A company using semantic technology to dynamically feed ad content on a mobile platform (Expert System)
* an expert in advertising and former CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (Greg Stuart)

The focus of this session is to give business people and technologists an understanding of how semantic technology is being used in online advertising today. This is a broad survey of the different ideas labeled as "semantic advertising" — presented by the people leading those initiatives — both to see what they have in common and how they’re different.

Panel: Semantic Advertising from Semantic Universe on Vimeo.