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Get Rid of Bad Analytics with Semantic Analysis


Nicole Laskowski of Search CIO reports, “Traditional data analytics has three rungs: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. But Scott Mongeau doesn’t believe the ladder goes far enough — especially as businesses reach to make better decisions based on big data analytics and data science. A business analytics consultant for Deloitte Nederland, Mongeau believes both the rigorous testing of models (what he calls diagnostics) and a better way to describe the meaning and context of projects to computers (what he calls semantic analysis) need to be built into the three rungs if data analytics is going to help solve big problems. He argued that without the rigorous testing of analytical models and semantic analysis and a social network in which to share the theories behind analytical models — big data analytics will be susceptible to bias and, in the end, fail to help people make better decisions.” Read more

Thinkglue Launches a Semantic Wi-Fi Router to Help Protect Kids from Inappropriate Online Content


(PRWEB) November 19, 2013 —, an innovative start up based at the Google Technology Centre in London has just launched a crowd funded project to embed their semantic video analysis technology into a home Wi-Fi. The project aims to stop inappropriate content from entering our houses by applying real time semantic analysis of any media stream trying to reach our mobile devices and pcs.


Unlike other solutions, Thinkglue performs real time semantic stream analysis to detect inappropriate language in videos, bad images and child unsafe sites without the need to install special software and without relying on people to flag child unsafe content. Violent videos from YouTube can be a thing of the past. Read more

Parllay Advances the Social Media Management Paradigm


Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 14, 2013 — Starting today small and medium size businesses will have access to Parllay’s sophisticated enterprise-level capabilities for a fraction of the cost. Parllay’s audience centric platform re-imagines the way businesses use social media tools to acquire, engage, retain and monetize their fan base.


Businesses of all sizes struggle with finding the right social media tools, due to product fragmentation at the lower-end of the market and high cost of advanced solutions at the high-end of the market. Parllay solves the problem of fragmentation and high cost with its unified portfolio of platforms, making it a one stop shop for all social media management tasks. Read more

Google Maps Is Becoming More Emotional

google map

Dan Farber of CNet recently wrote, “For Google, the map of the future is taking everything it knows about you and the world and plotting it in real-time as you move through your life. ‘We can build a whole new map for every context and every person,’ said Bernhard Seefeld, product management director for Google Maps, speaking at the GigaOm Roadmap 2013 conference. ‘It’s a specific map nobody has seen before, and it’s just there for that moment to visualize the data.’ Like the early days of map making that told stories of discovery and created more of an emotional connection with the unfolding world, Google wants to build what Seefeld called ‘emotional maps that reflect our real life connections and peek into the future and possibly travel there’.” Read more

Using Artificial Human Brains to Understand Real Ones


Lucas Laursen of IEEE Spectrum reports, “As [Henry] Markram has been telling everyone since he got the €1 billion nod to lead the Human Brain Project, the way researchers study the brain needs to change. His approach—and it’s not the only one—stands on an emerging type of computing that he and others claim will let machines learn more like humans do. They could then offer generalizations from what’s known about a handful of neural pathways and find shortcuts to understanding the rest of the brain, he argues. The concept will rely as much on predictions of neural behavior as on experimental observations.” Read more Introduces Sponsored Content Performance Reports


ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – Oct 17, 2013) –, the content performance authority [see our past coverage], today announced a feature to quantify the results of sponsored content and native advertising for publishers. is a content analytics and optimization platform that transforms real-time traffic, historical performance, social interactions, and global trends into actionable insights. This new capability gives publishers the added advantage of understanding and managing valuable paid content, and communicating its performance to brands via shareable, single-click, real-time performance reports. Read more

Expert System Launches Cogito Intelligence API on Mashape API Marketplace

Expert System logoCHICAGO, ILLINOIS–(Marketwired – Oct. 16, 2013) - Expert System, the semantic technology company, today announces the availability of the “freemium” version of its semantic API on Mashape, the online API marketplace. Cogito Intelligence API is the first API for the semantic analysis of large quantities of unstructured texts for supporting intelligence, counter crime and cybersecurity activities. Read more

Actuate and Bitext Announce Collaboration to Deliver Text Analytics Engines and Sentiment Analysis for Big Data Through BIRT


SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 02, 2013– Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), The BIRT Company(TM) — delivering more insights to more people than all BI companies combined, today announced their cooperation with Bitext, in parallel with Bitext’s U.S. event in San Francisco this evening at WeWork. Bitext provides text analytics engines — inherently multilingual semantic technologies including text analytics and natural language interfaces — sporting one of the highest degrees of accuracy available today. Bitext recently announced a partnership with as well. Read more

News Curation Platform Raises $2M

Steve O’Hear of TechCrunch reports, “Smallrivers, the Swiss startup behind news curation platform, has raised further funding: $2 million from Debioinvestment, and Polytech Ventures (co-founded by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologies where SmallRivers is based), along with existing investors/shareholders, including Kima Ventures, and various European angels, as well as co-founder Edouard Lambelet. The new capital, which brings total funding to date to $7 million, will be used to consolidate revenue growth, with the aim to break even in the coming year, and deploy what is describing as a new ‘semantic analysis engine’ that will offer curators additional content discovery and filtering capabilities to make it even easier to build their own online newspapers.” Read more

Breakthrough Multilingual Sentiment Analytics Presented by LinguaSys CEO Brian Garr at Capture 2013 Conference

BOCA RATON, FL. (PRWEB) September 07, 2013 –  LinguaSys CEO Brian Garr will be a featured guest speaker at the ninth annual Capture 2013 Conference, September 12, Glen Cove, NY, presenting LinguaSys’ world-class human language technology breakthroughs in multilingual semantic analytics for voice recognition, translation, search, natural language understanding, documents, photographs, sentiment analysis, video and how to extract meaningful, actionable, profitable intelligence from all forms of multilingual data.

Demonstrating LinguaSys’ superior multilingual semantic analytics solutions including its latest product, Sentiment@Work, Garr will explain why the usual methods of multilingual search are ambiguous and the wrong tools for data search, and how international companies that accept multilingual challenges, integrating them into their campaigns, will win. Read more