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A Better Personal Assistant with Predictive Intelligence


In their recent Technology Quarterly issue, The Economist discussed how predictive intelligence will lead to better virtual assistant applications that will leave Siri in the dust: “The next generation of assistant software aims to go one step further by pursuing an approach known as ‘predictive intelligence’. It exploits the fact that smartphones now have access to fast internet links and location data, and can draw upon personal information, address books, e-mail and calendars. The aim of these new assistants is to anticipate what information users need, based on context and past behaviour, and to provide it before they have even asked for it. Such an assistant might, for example, spontaneously suggest that you leave early for a meeting, because it has spotted heavy traffic en route; present directions to your hotel when you arrive in a foreign country; offer to book a taxi or hotel based on analysis of an incoming e-mail or text message; or offer personalised suggestions for dinner in the evening.” Read more

Newsle Raises $1.8M for People-Oriented News Service


Rip Empson of Tech Crunch reports, “Axel Hansen and Jonah Varon began building Newsle as undergraduates at Harvard to fill a nagging gap among today’s news aggregators. The idea being that, as popular as Google Alerts may be, people want to read news based on who their friends and colleagues are and who they want to know more about… Today, Newsle’s network (and person)-oriented news alert service tracks more than 100 million people and processes more than one million articles each day from over 100,000 sources, serving users filtered, personalized alerts based on their preferences. Read more

Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, & Buying Power

Laurie Sullivan of Media Post recently wrote, “Predictive analytics — it’s the latest buzzword for search engine marketers. Yet many search engine marketing companies no longer just focus on SEM. They have transformed into a social-search analytical machine to converge the terabytes of data it now takes to run one campaign. Okay, I’m being a bit facetious. Here’s another example of a search company developing technology that predicts the costs of achieving return on investments and automatically adjusts campaigns to meet those forecasts. Kenshoo engineers have developed machine learning technology called Halogen that gives marketers insights into the future performance of advertising campaigns. It allows them to find previously unexplored markets by their company, and make better investment and optimization decisions.” Read more

Entrepreneurs Showcase Cutting-Edge Financial Technology Solutions at Demo Day

NEW YORK — A select group of innovative technology companies demonstrated their products and services to dozens of top executives in financial services, venture capital and technology today at the third annual FinTech Innovation Lab “Demo Day” in New York. The Lab is a program for entrepreneurs currently developing innovative technologies targeted to the financial services sector, particularly in the areas of data analytics, technology infrastructure, payments, and security.

The goal of the Lab – established in 2010 by Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and the Partnership Fund for New York City – is to enhance New York’s role as a leading hub for technology innovation in a variety of sectors, including the financial-services industry; to spur job creation in New York; and to give entrepreneurs an accelerated path to growing their business within financial services. This year’s Demo Day was held at the Credit Suisse headquarters in Manhattan. Read more

Intota™ Assessment In Beta With Development Partners

SEATTLE, June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Marist College, a recognized leader in the use of technology for enhanced teaching and learning, began using Intota™ Assessment, a library collection analytics service from Serials Solutions®, a ProQuest business. Marist is the first Intota development partner to deploy Intota Assessment, and will be followed shortly by the other five partner libraries. Vital for today’s academic institutions, Intota Assessment offers libraries the ability to simplify collection maintenance, calculate its return on investment and showcase the value of the library.  Read more

Taking Search To The Enterprise Streets

What can semantic search do for your enterprise? One example comes from the recently launched Searchbox online semantic search engine by the company of the same name (which formerly was known as salsaDev).

One of the vendor’s biggest customers is the European Commission, according to Nicolas Gamard, CEO of the Switzerland-based company. That early adopter of Searchbox is using the technology for improving search related to its public grants funding, which amounts to tens of billions of dollars since 2007. Before deploying Searchbox, both researchers and its own commissioners struggled with conducting searches across 15 different repositories, as they looked for previously funded projects and partnership possibilities across the continent, for example. Tooling through a research grant PDF document of some 150 to 600 pages was another time-consuming issue, he says.

“It was like a full-time job just to look at all the different data sources. Things were not formatted in the same way – they used different terms and structures,” Gamard says.

Today, Searchbox powers a single web application for the European Commission, where all such content is interlinked together. “So, if a researcher is looking at a grant, we suggest all the related relevant research grants, partnership opportunities across Europe, all previously funded projects, and all the information he or she needs,” says Gamard. “That’s done automatically so that, within a single look, within 5 minutes you can have identified all the research opportunities right for you.”

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