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DomainsBot Announce Release of TLD Recommendation Engine for Registries

San Francisco, CA and Rome, Italy (PRWEB) July 11, 2013 – DomainsBot, the provider of leading domain suggestion technology, proudly announces its first product for registries. TLD Recommendation Engine for Registries is a product that services the world’s largest registrars, with the DomainsBot Name Suggestion API.

Last week, DomainsBot released the TLD Recommendation Engine for Registrars as a free add-on for registrars who already use the DomainsBot Name Suggestion API. The TLD Recommendation Engine debuted as a game changer for registrars carrying a large variety of TLDs. Read more

Everpix Adds New Features to Photo Organization App

David Weir of 7× reports, “Everpix has been building a semantic sorting platform for the past 18 months which takes advantage of the metadata attached to digital photos and automatically sorts them into a visual timeline of your life… The first layer of organization is by time, since that is part of the metadata embedded in each photo, and very often location as well. Everpix analyzes the photos for other elements and groups those that are collections – such as shots from a concert or a trip. ‘We add a semantic layer to your photos that helps classify them by the various elements our technology recognizes,’ says Latour. ‘We can recognize if is a close-up, whether it’s outside or inside, a dinner, flowers, at a beach, etc. We have about 50 categories a photo can be automatically classified as in’.” Read more

Improving IT Productivity with a Semantic Layer

Janice Lawrence of Semantic Arts has published an interesting read on semantic technology and enterprise architecture, specifically how a semantic layer improves IT productivity. Lawrence writes, “Short term IT decision making results in underutilized IT infrastructures. Technology adoption is strikingly consistent – each new wave of technology is first implemented in a distributed form and then consolidated resulting in poor utilization of computing resources, rising costs, and increased complexity.” Read more

Smartlogic’s Semaphore Proves Its Semantic Capabilities

A recent article reports on the success of Smartlogic’s Semaphore with EPiServer 6 websites. Rufus Leonard, a London/Dubai-based digital agency, “completed a successful integration project where the semantic capabilities of Smartlogic‘s Semaphore software were used in conjunction with the popular EPiServer 6 web content management system. The result is a semantic website that appropriately models the client’s business while allowing users to locate unstructured content, efficiently integrated into a content management system.” Read more

Google News Gets Local

Google recently announced a few changes to its news search feature. According to the article, “Android and iPhone smartphone users now have the option to see news stories relevant to their current location via the Google News mobile News Near You feature. When visiting Google News from one of these devices, you are prompted via popup whether you want to see news near you. If you choose yes, then this section will be added to your standard Google News layout on that device. (Note: This feature does not appear to be compatible with the FireFox browser for Android.)” Read more

Spotlight on TopBraid Composer’s New Web Data Basket

This article takes a look at one of the new features in TopBraid Composer 3.5 – the Web Data Basket view: “This can be used to incrementally download Linked Data (either RDFa or RDF) while browsing the web. The best way to experience this is by getting a small TBC Firefox extension. This will add a tiny TopBraid button to the lower right corner of your browser. Click on this button while TopBraid Composer is executing, and all RDF data encoded on the currently visited page will be added to TBC’s Web Data Basket.” Read more

A Comment on Google’s +1 Button

A recent article comments on Google’s recent launch of +1: “Google announced on March 30, that it was releasing this new “Like” button for their search results that they’re calling +1. This opens up a whole new approach towards the industry of search marketing and could potentially have some interesting impact on how you can find relevant content from your friends. In the short term, does this constitute a social strategy? Not necessarily, but in the long term there could be some good consequences or some backlash, depending on how Google treats the feedback.” Read more

Expert System Gets a Patent for its Cogito Semantic Platform

An announcement was recently made that “Expert System, the leading provider of semantic software that searches, discovers, classifies and interprets text information, announced that it has been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its Cogito® semantic platform. The patent, ‘Method and systems for automatically extracting relationships between concepts included in a text,’ safeguards Cogito, which relies on deep linguistic analysis and semantic disambiguation of text to ensure a complete understanding of a text without the use of statistics or keyword based technologies.” Read more

Walmart Buys Kosmix for $300M

According to a recent article, “Wal-Mart Stores paid just over $300 million in cash for Kosmix. The six-year-old Mountain View, Calif.-based company–which has built a social media platform that organizes content by topic–has raised $55 million from a large group of Silicon Valley venture firms… Kosmix will join the newly formed @WalmartLabs.” Read more