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Predixion Brings Predictive Analytics to the Classroom at No Cost


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA–(Marketwired – Jan 28, 2014) - Predixion Software, a developer of collaborative predictive analytics software solutions, today announced it is providing academic institutions with the free use of its advanced analytics software and related training materials for students and teachers of data science. The Predixion in the Classroom (PIC) program provides future data analysts with hands-on experience building predictive models and extracting valuable insights from large data sets. The PIC program is intended to address the extreme shortage of data scientists, which will grow more severe in coming years as organizations increasingly rely on big data and predictive analytics to guide decisions and improve operations. Academic institutions such as the University of Washington, University of Western Michigan, St. Joseph University, and the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) are already taking advantage of the program to help their students gain the essential skills required for data analysis. Read more

Advanced Analytics Key to Finance Industry

Ritka Puri of Business2Community reports, “Big data is transforming industries. From education to tech, retail, and healthcare, sophisticated analytics are helping organizations make intelligent decisions to maximize key goals. ‘From Facebook to Netflix, companies are tracking and analyzing our searches, our purchases, and just about every other online activity that will give them more insight into what we are and who we want,’ wrote Jim Fruchterman for Harvard Business Review. ‘The more we use technology in our education and health systems, the more data we collect about how people learn and what keeps us healthy or what makes us sick.’ For financial firms that face challenges of increased governance, risk, strict compliance guidelines, and worldwide economic instability, the need for data-driven decisions is even more crucial.” Read more

MESA Announces New White Paper: The Role of Semantic Models in Smarter Industrial Operations

CHANDLER, ARIZ. — The paper investigates the application of semantic model design and technology in industrial operations integration and the evolving role of Semantic Computing in operations management.  Semantic (data) modeling as a core component of application architecture is compared to more familiar architectural integration patterns. As operations functions are described, the value of semantic models is illustrated through a series of examples that should be familiar to the reader. Read more

New Robot Has Semantic Learning Capabilities

John Roach of NBC News reports, “When all the humans went home for the day, a personal-assistant robot under development in a university lab recently built digital images of a pineapple and a bag of bagels that were inadvertently left on a table – and figured out how it could lift them. The researchers didn’t even know the objects were in the room. Instead of being frightened at their robot’s independent streak, the researchers point to the feat as a highlight in their quest to build machines that can fetch items and microwave meals for people who have limited mobility or are, ahem, too busy with other chores.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: IBM

IBM is looking for a Research Intern – Semantic Modeling and Tools for Smarter Cities in Hawthorne, NY. The post states, “We currently have an internship opportunity available in the area of Smarter Cities modeling and semantic modeling tools, part of the Extensible Technologies department. In our department, we develop new approaches to modeling and managing linked, and semantically annotated data, and work on applications of the technology to the Smarter Cities domain. Over the years, our department has created some of the core XML and SOA standards, and has developed innovative runtime and tooling capabilities in support of those standards.” Read more